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Bitches get stitches

When you hit the homepage of Bitch Your Famous, it basically describes to you that the site is all about gore, XXX videos, fight clips, hip hop music and other viral media. I’m not too sure what the central niche is here, but I know that they’ve got a porn section and that’s where I’m headed before I get trapped with stuff I don’t want to take a look at! Mr. Porn Geek isn’t a big fan of gore, except when it’s a sexy teen’s asshole being spread wide open for a huge butt plug to be stuffed in there – then it’s okay.

The porn section at Bitch Your Famous contains a wide array of materials: some of it good, some of it bad, but all of it ratchet, ghetto and every other word that describes the lower class of black culture. To demonstrate what I’m talking about, here are just a few of the videos that I saw when looking through the archive. First, we’ve got an older looking ebony slut sucking on a huge BBC and throating it like the more meat she consumes, the more food stamps she’ll get. Then it’s this big ass black broad walking outside with her massive booty on display and finally, Brittanya Razavi’s masturbation video that everyone wants to watch. As a side note, Brittanya really likes to say daddy – gotta love that.

Free and easy, like your mum

Arguably, the best part about Bitch Your Famous is the fact that it’s entirely free to use and the videos seem to be hand-picked, so you’re getting the best of black porn culture in one single location. Another fantastic feature that I didn’t see advertised was the ability to save clips locally by right-clicking and selecting ‘save as’ while it’s playing. The servers were insanely quick – I managed to clock around 14 MB/s before what I was sampling finished! Top tier stuff honestly: I love tubes that let you save things locally and give you the speed you need to boot.

The downsides of Bitch Your Famous

In the interests of balance, I think it’s a wise idea to talk a little about a few of the downsides that I noticed at Bitch Your Famous. For instance, there’s no sorting here: I can’t see what the most popular clips are or which ones are longer than the rest. It also lacks categories, so if you’re only on the hunt for blowjob scenes, masturbation videos or something else, Bitch Your Famous comes up a little short. That said, I understand that BYF isn’t devoted entirely to adult entertainment: it’s a huge repository of content that covers a lot of different themes, so I won’t get too butthurt about this.

Honestly, I think the major selling point here is that the action is real ghetto and appeals to people who like amateur smut that’s hand-picked by no-nonsense admins. Sound like your type of place? Go pay a visit then, fam!

Review Pros

  • Free ghetto porn
  • Hand-picked content
  • Can download clips

Review Cons

  • Small collection
  • No categories

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