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Checking out BestPornStars

Right, most of us have been searching for a site like BestPornStars without even knowing it. If you have ever been on the pornstar page of any porn tube site to search for your jerking material, then you should have been on BestPornStars instead. BestPornStars has one of the most extensive collections of pornstars that I have ever seen. I am pretty sure that BestPornStars has every pornstar that has ever done porn on their site. When you get on this porn site, you just start seeing pornstars and getting very hungry to explore the site further. So, let’s do just that and review it too, shall we?

The pornstars on BestPornStars

When I first opened up BestPornStars, I was amazed at the pornstars I saw. Now, this site doesn’t put the pornstars in alphabetical order (you can press the A-Z list to do that), so you see the top pornstars in the world right now. So, before you even scroll down the page, you see Dani Daniels, Danny D, Nicole Aniston, Kendra Lust, Ava Addams, Alison Tyler and Jasmine Jae. That is the calibre of pornstar you can expect on BestPornStars! Click on any of these pornstars and you are faced with just about every porn video they have ever done.

I clicked on Alison Tyler and Sunny Leone to see what porn they had on BestPornStars and FUCK ME! I am pretty sure that BestPornStars has every single porn video from these two they have ever appeared in! Every pornstar on this site is the same too, so this is the perfect place to go and find some classic porn scenes from your favourite pornstars!

The porn on BestPornStars

BestPornStars doesn’t actually have any porn videos on the site. While linking porn sites usually piss me off, BestPornStars doesn’t. This is because BestPornStars links you to sites like PornHub and Xhamster. This means that all of the porn I have tried has worked perfectly. I think that it would be foolish to think that every porn video on BestPornStars would work, but they have done a shitting excellent job with their ratio of porn that works. During my travels, I haven’t found a broken porn link yet, that shit is impressive, to say the least!

My final thoughts on BestPornStars

BestPornStars is the site I have been searching for. I am growing pretty tired of the porn tube site and the amount of fucking amateur little vlogger cunts on the homepage. With BestPornStars, you don’t have these cunts spoiling your porn. You can go on here, find your favourite pornstars and their best scenes and have at it! I will certainly be using BestPornStars again, and you should too! This porn site has been so enjoyable. In fact, fuck it, I am taking the rest of the day off and enjoying this site some more!

Review Pros
  • Huge collection of pornstars
  • Craploads of porn
  • Great categories section
Review Cons
  • A few broken links