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My review of Avgle

I’ll be honest with you from the get go: I’m not entirely sure what Avgle stands for, although I’m guessing from the icon that it’s supposed to be a combination of ‘AV’ (which stands for adult video) and the latter part of Google, so basically, a search engine for adult videos! That said, it’s important to note that this website is focused on Asian porn above all else and in particular, professional porn DVDs from Japan. They have a relatively large sex industry there and as far as I can tell, Avgle.com is one of the ways that Westerners can get their hands on the dirty porn produced by some of the best studios the East has to offer. Interested in learning more about Avgle? Mr. Porn Geek’s complete review is about to begin, so let’s get into it!

The homepage at Avgle.com

I’ve always been a big fan of beginning your adventure on any website with a look at the homepage before anything else. You’ll notice that a bulk of the Avgle starting area is devoted to showcasing sample images and clips from videos that they have. The area at the top of the page features videos currently being watched by others on the website, although you can scroll down to see clips that are currently featured. Below that, another content area exists with ‘hot videos’, although I’m not entirely sure how these are picked by the algorithm (it’s likely a combination of views and ratings with time being an important factor). Finally, you can go all the way to the bottom of the homepage to see the most recent uploads: multiple clips are added to this tube site on a daily basis, so if you’re hungry for great Asian porn that’s fresh off the press, look no further.

The header here on Avgle.com has links to all of their videos, some VR-specific releases and probably the most important page of all: categories. You’ll find anything and everything from schoolgirl and anal through to Korean and mature. Note that while a bulk of the porn here is Japanese, they’ve also got a few other Asian countries covered too, so whatever your flavor, Avgle.com covers all angles. Now then, how about we actually sample some of that Asian porn to see what it’s like?

Avgle: the porn story

I spent the better part of 1 hour looking at the content here on Avgle.com and loved every second of the experience: as someone who considers himself to be an expert when it comes to great Asian porn, this place really does deliver. Let me kick off this review with a link to this clip starring a gorgeous teen from Japan who’s just getting involved in the adult entertainment industry. After a relatively long interview, she’s slowly stripped out of her tight white dress so that the camera can appreciate her perfect body. Soon enough she’s getting fucked all over the hotel room and loving every inch of cock she’s given by her temporary lover.

It’s not just vanilla sex videos that this site has either: they have some BDSM scenes that I think fans of wild and extreme porn are going to go crazy for. For instance, in this particular upload, you’ll see 3 hours of torture, degradation and abuse inflicted upon a chick that just loves to submit to men and their cum-delivering cocks. She’s forced to crawl around in her own juices and suck on the toes of her owner – who knew that a woman could be so damn perfect? This is the type of porn I just love: especially when it features an Asian girl that’s willing to be a whore for the camera.

Concluding my review on Avgle

The biggest selling point here is the fact that the videos are so lengthy and the average quality of all uploads is absolutely fantastic. Avgle.com is filled to the brim with professional DVDs straight from Japan and has over 10,000 unique titles for you to check out: all of which are completely free to enjoy. If that doesn’t sound like a pleasurable website then I don’t know what to tell you: perhaps free Asian sex videos aren’t your thing? Anyhow, Mr. Porn Geek has covered all that he needs to in this review: head on over to Avgle when you get the chance and see whether or not this place has the type of Oriental smut that you’re looking for.

Review Pros

  • Lots of DVDs
  • Free to watch
  • Can download

Review Cons

  • Lots of adverts
  • Limited amateur content