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What is ASSTR and what kind of asses do they feature?

First of all, if you think this is a site dedicated to hot asses, you are just as wrong as I was when I first visited it. ASS in the title stands for Alt Sex Stories and this is not some kind of a video sub-genre you never heard of. These are actual stories that you read. I know what you are thinking, nothing kills boners like reading, right? Well you, my friend, are again wrong. But saying that is not enough, I have to walk you through the explanation of why I think you are wrong. Don’t worry about it, I experienced the same thing and it took me a while to fully appreciate this form of erotica and comprehend why it’s actually a good way to express your sexuality.

I think text is shit, can you prove otherwise?

I can’t prove that this will be your cup of tea, but I can definitely try. Let’s start with something you are familiar with. Have you ever found yourself getting a chubby while watching a hot scene in a movie? Like when Scarlett grinds her ass on that Gordon-Levitt guy? I bet you never figured out that there was nothing explicit in that scene. No tits, no ass, no nudity of any kind for that matter, let alone penetration or a blow job? So how come you still got a chubby, and probably spilled a couple of loads jerking off to that scene? It’s a thing called sexual tension. And it wasn’t the tits or the ass that made the scene perfect, it was great writing. YES, WRITING! So, someone who knows how to create sexual tension using just words made that scene possible. Yes, she is fucking hot and she grinds on his cock, but that wasn’t it.

So, you wanna tell me I can jerk off to a text?

Oh, absolutely yes! Sex stories are incredibly titillating, but you have to be prepared for the experience. If you are in a hurry and just want to crank one out, just watch a “pussy getting destroyed” video and be done with it. But, if you are seeking real sexual pleasure, the kind that makes your knees buckle after you squirt your load, you should really try sex stories. The secret to a great orgasm, as any woman will tell you, is in the buildup. That’s why women love foreplay so much and that’s why an orgasm with a woman that knows what she’s doing, that knows your sweet spots, is so fucking amazing. Well, the same principle applies to sex stories. A story creates sexual tension rather than simply jumping in straight to the action. This tension builds up and once it explodes, your cock explodes with it.


What kind of sex stories are on ASSTR?

Let me put it this way; all the categories you can find on any other porn site, you can find on ASSTR as well. There are stories about having sex for the first time, about college babes experimenting, about a girl getting gang banged, about a stepdaughter seducing her stepdad, etc. There are plenty of story genres and styles to keep you busy for a while. The only difference is that these stories are not as strictly categorised as other types of porn and erotica may be. Many stories contain a part of a real-life experience and a part of fiction, and you will find yourself wondering how much of the story is true. This is one of the charms of it and where the porn videos are most often quite obviously fake, that line is not as clear with sex stories. Perhaps the best example of this can be found in the Older vs Young section. You can check out Older vs Young section of ASSTR here.

Who writes these sex stories?

Everyone. Sex stories have that inherited value of being a way to express sexual thoughts, experiences, and fantasies without any actual requirements. Both professional erotica writers and true amateurs that never wrote anything in their life (like books and stuff) share their stories on ASSTR. That’s the beautiful part of the genre; sex stories are independent of the budget, background, acting, makeup, cameras, sets, moods, experience. Sex stories are just that, stories. And they can be completely true, completely made up, or anywhere in between and everyone can make one. Seriously, I was the first one to doubt there is any value in this, but it took only a couple of stories to completely change my mind. If I had more time, I would try to write one as well. The thing is, these stories are somehow liberating. There is something special in being able to tell your fantasy or re-enact your greatest sexual adventure through storytelling.

Is all of it erotica, or is there anything hardcore?

While most of the sex stories you can buy in the forms of books are erotica, these stories on ASSTR contain a lot of explicit stuff. There are a couple of stories that really go into details, perhaps even more than some of the close-up videos you can find. I haven’t read that many stories, but I did try to cover as many different genres and a variety of authors. There is plenty of detailed hardcore action in these stories and strangely enough, I concluded that this is a form of hardcore erotica (or even porn) that many women would also find exciting and titillating. For example, the Lolita series could easily be appreciated by both men and women. What I also found surprising is that words can do as much as images and videos can. A well-written story has cum-loads of potential, many of them in fact.

So, what do you figure is the best thing about ASSTR?

Most definitely, the lack of censorship. There are so many subjects that are heavily censored these days. The Internet has really become a place of selective freedom. These stories sometimes feature strange fetishes like incest, rape, gore, and stuff like that. These are really not the most welcoming subjects on the Internet and I’m not saying that I’m into that. But there are definitely people who are, and if you honestly believe that everyone has the equal right to enjoy the stuff they like, places like ASSTR offer that freedom. The other thing I like about ASSTR is the pure number of specific stories portraying fantasies that go into such details, you would miss them even if you were the part of the whole thing. These details serve an excellent purpose of building up the sexual tension and making sure you really get rewarded for your effort. The other thing that I really like is the variety of the stories and authors. A good mix of amateur and semi-professional content is something that I always appreciate.


What’s the worst thing about ASSTR?

I would definitely say the lack of unified text formatting. That and the lack of any other type of media. But unified text formatting bugs me the most. These stories sometimes come in a reader-friendly format, but at times, they are terrible to read on a tablet, or they use strange fonts that don’t even load up properly in a browser.  In some cases, the text was so poorly formatted, I completely gave up on the story. On the other hand, this is completely understandable. For a site that has no censorship or content moderation of any kind (at least not serious moderation), it’s not surprising that it also has no rules regarding text formatting. One more thing worth mentioning is that most of the stories are accessible through FTP only, meaning that if you never came across to this type of navigation, it can look as if the site is not loaded properly.

Would you recommend ASSTR or not?

Well, it would be ungrateful of me not to ask you to check it out. Even though I personally am not that into sex stories, I can honestly see why so many people are. And, frankly, I even think, provided that I could devote more time to it, I could very well get used to this type of porn consumption and still have great masturbatory sessions. So, to answer the question; yes. I would recommend you to check it out, try reading some of the stories. Many of them are actually quite good and they will put the capital D in your dick. Jerking off to sex stories is not all that different than jerking off-dry to a fantasy you already have. Fantasies are basically stories and the devil is always in the details. I would definitely recommend checking out the poetry section because you could have a good laugh and admire the ingenuity of some of the verses.

Review Pros
  • Millions of stories
  • Lots of different niches
Review Cons
  • Dated site design
  • Requires FTP for some stories