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Alt Sex Stories Text Repository, also known simply as ASSTR, is a site that offers free access to erotic stories that don’t quite fit the bill to appear in your standard library. What is considered to be alternative, you ask? Well, on the homepage, you’ll see stuff like ‘The Twisted Mind of Ole Crannon’, ‘Naked Blades: Erotic Sword and Sorcery Fiction’ and ‘Slut Wife Story: Circus Ride’. It’s a mixture of BDSM, fantasy and other goodies that most ‘normal’ folk probably wouldn’t admit to enjoying.

Note that some of the stories that are available on ASSTR aren’t actually on the web, you’ll need to head on over to their FTP page in order to access the content. I’m personally not that much of a fan of this, because I think a web page can make reading real nice and easy on the eyes, but I guess if you’ve got a fetish for bulk content in Notepad form, this is the place for you. Of the content that is on the web, it’s well-written, displayed and tagged. You can also set the font size and a scroll speed if you want the ultimate ‘hands-free’ erotic story experience. That basically means that you’re going to be jerking your meat to the stories and you won’t have to worry about taking a hand off your cock in order to see what happens next.

Should you choose to grab the content stored on the FTP server, I recommend you find some sort of text display system that’s better than notepad. Microsoft Word can work, although you can also use some Web 2.0 tools online if you do a quick Google. From the stories that I sampled here, they were quite good and exactly what you’d expect from erotic literature. ASSTR does a fantastic job of getting a good range of material too – although it’s all alternative, you get a mixture of alternative. Believe me: there are some pretty crazy things stored here at ASSTR! When compared to a lot of the other erotic story hubs, I think that ASSTR does a relatively decent job, and for that reason, I’ve given it a rating of 4. Like many places, the design and navigation leaves a little to be desired, but 90% of your time spent here will be devoted to enjoying the sex stories, so an incredible site isn’t exactly a pressing issue.

Review Pros

  • Millions of stories
  • Lots of different niches

Review Cons

  • Dated site design
  • Requires FTP for some stories