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User Rating: stands for Amateur Bitch – it’s a picture porn site that has young, nubile girls who aren’t professionals getting naughty. We’re talking blowjobs, selfies, upskirts and more – whatever your desire is, so long as it comes from amateur babes that love sex, you’re going to find it here. On the homepage, you’ll find the latest galleries on the site and a way to go back through all of the releases. I should make it clear that is pretty much entirely amateur and doesn’t even dip into semi-professional stuff with first time girls. What you’re promised is what you get!

The picture quality obviously ranges, but my subjective opinion is that everything here is well within order. You’ll find a nice array of hardcore sex and solo playing. What I dislike about is the fact that it only displays a few sets at a time – I’d prefer that it just gave thumbnails of say, 5 of the best from each upload and displayed a lot of sets together on each archive page. Currently, there are over 6,000 galleries – all of which have to be accessed page by page. Categories would definitely help here.

Don’t get me wrong though, AmaBitch has a lot more going for it than against it otherwise your boy Mr. Porn Geek wouldn’t be hitting it up over and over again. There’s a lot of scrolling involved when it comes to the pictures here but these nympho bitches are worth it. There’s something so incredibly hot about a watching a true amateur play with herself or with a dick and Amabitch nails it in set after set. And hey, if you’re the slut featured in any of the pictures here and you want your pictures removed and all evidence of your whoreness deleted from this site, you can just shoot them an email and it’ll be done. All in all, this porno picture site is worth your time.

Review Pros

  • Lots of amateur porn
  • Zipped photo sets

Review Cons

  • Poor design
  • No categories