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Can you keep a secret? The folks at AFF Affairs can!

When I hit the homepage of AFF Affairs , I was greeted with the following sentence: “Meet Secret Sex affairs!” – I guess it’s good that this place sets itself up as an affair-driven location that is all about sex and nothing else. After all, married women don’t have time for all of that other nonsense. They just want to get in, have a great time and leave before their husbands realize what’s up. Anyway, I’m going to head inside Affair Alert now: read on if you want to know what the deal is.

Affair Alert currently boasts over 1+ million members – it’s not a huge number, but given that this is affair based, it makes sense that it’s not that large. You’ll be asked a series of questions before having your account validated, but the whole process only takes about three minutes from start to finish. Once you activate your account, you can see which members are viewing your profiles, send friend requests and even exchange gifts with other members.

FYI – initial registration is free but AFF Affairs is not a charity so if you want to really reap the benefits of this site and maximize your chances of getting laid, then upgrading your account is highly recommended. It costs money depending on what level you want to upgrade to – a VIP membership will set you back 30 bucks per month while a silver membership costs 49 bucks for 3 months.

A gold membership gives you the best bang for your buck at 69.90 bucks for 6 months. Wanna just test the waters and see what the upgrade life is all about? Cruise through the site with a 3-day trial for only 8.90! They always run discount specials on the memberships too so be on the look out for those.

Horny housewives galore

The navigation inside is fantastic, and searching for a local housewife that wants an affair seems so damn simple (or, of course, for a MILF to get her hands on someone that didn’t put a ring on it).

Looking at the sample of pics on the AFF Affairs homepage will have you thinking that this site is made up of hot chicks with big fake tits who like posing in bikinis. They have plenty of those but they also have average looking soccer moms who look just like the every day Milf you run into during your regular grind. Just know though that these Milfs may not look like supermodels but they fuck like pornstars. That basically means they’re horny as hell and not getting the D at home which is how they ended up on AffairAlert.

The variety in the ladies at AFF Affairs is astounding to be honest. There are blondes, brunettes and a few redheads sprinkled in. They have petite milfs and curvy milfs and if you like they chunky, I even spotted a few of those. Basically, AffairAlert has something for everyone.

One thing that stood out about the cheating wives on AFF Affairs is the fact that they all love posting nude pics. That tells you that these ladies aren’t looking for an emotional connection, just a physical one. They’re already emotionally committed to their men but need some excitement in between the sheets and they’re willing to put themselves out there – imperfections and all. This way, if you don’t like what you see, you just skip that profile and if you like what you see, send a message and seal the deal.

Discretion and privacy guaranteed

Like most sites of this nature, everything is done on the downlow at AFF Affairs Its like a secret club where whatever happens there, stays there. They rely on an honor system of sorts. Before you even sign up you have to agree not to snitch on any member. So if you see Jayne posted up on Affair Alert looking for a hot young stud to blow her back out every other week, you can’t tell her husband Matt, the next time you go golfing with him. This site only works if members respect each other’s privacy and boundaries. Yes, the latter refers to sexual desires. Again, before you can get inside this site and start interacting with any of the members, you must agree to respect their sexual limits. Those are actually very reasonable demands if you ask me.

Safety first.

Note you will be bound to follow certain rules, such as not spreading rumors about anyone you know on the site, having respect for other users and using condoms during your erotic affair encounters. As far as I’m concerned, those are great ideas and I’m more than happy to recommend any destination (affair-based or not) that promotes safe sex. So yeah – definitely check out U Lust if all of those things sound good to you.

Review Pros

  • Good rules
  • Simple registration
  • 24/7 customer service

Review Cons

  • Small userbase
  • Limited men allowed
  • Paid features