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Mr. Porn Geek pays a visit to 8muses

It’s me again – your favorite adult comic book website reviewer and on this particular afternoon, Mr. Porn Geek is going to be taking a look at 8muses. I actually reviewed this place a few years ago, but that was when I only wrote 100 or so words on the destinations I was taking a look at. Now I’m back and believe me – this is going to be one lengthy look at what 8muses.com has to offer. As I mentioned, this is an adult comic book website with a focus on XXX cartoons that’ll have you nutting in no time. Sound interesting? Continue down below for Mr. Porn Geek’s full coverage of 8muses – I think you’re going to want to hear what I have to say.

Homepage onward at 8muses

Like almost all of my reviews, I decided to kick things off here with a pretty detailed analysis of the 8muses.com homepage. This site wastes absolutely no time giving you a look at the content that it has, displaying an array of its available comics with the categories used as the main tool of navigation. Note that the categorization on the homepage of 8muses doesn’t actually have a niche focus – instead, it’s dependent on where the comic came from. Publishers such as MILF Toon, Shadbase, MCC and Innocent Dickgirls are all showcased here: simply click on the producer you want to see more from and they’ll be loaded up for you! Naturally, I went for MILF Toon first, so let’s explore what happens when you click a category, shall we?

Closer to 8muses’ library of cartoon lewdness

After selecting the MILF Toon category at 8muses, you’ll be shown a list of the different publications that have come from that particular artist. I decided I wanted to look at the Lemonade series, since the thumbnail of the juicy mature woman with her ass in a thong had me fixing to bust a nut ASAP. The great thing about 8muses is the fact that all of the comics are hosted locally, so you don’t need to visit some weird-third party image host or download a torrent of whatever it is that you want to look at. I’ve seen plenty of those sites in the past and let me tell you, they’re less than impressive. I really like the fact that I can jerk off immediately to the 8muses library of adult cartoons without having to jump through major hoops in order to do so. As a side note, I recommend reading this particular Lemonade series from MILF Toon – there’s nothing like a perfect mature woman with great tits to drain your balls of all their seed!

I guess one of the one real ‘issues’ I have with 8muses here is the fact that you can’t actually download any of the content that they have to your computer easily. Sure, you can right-click on the images and keep them on your PC that way, but a ZIP file would be really handy so you don’t have to go for that extra step in order to get your hands on the goods. I don’t know how many readers here at Mr. Porn Geek would actually want to store their porn on their computer, but I’ve seen enough people complain about it on various adult platforms to know that at least a few people want that from the adult websites they visit.

Exploring additional options at 8muses

There are very few links to various websites in the header and sidebar of 8muses, but the ones that are offered actually make me very happy indeed. For a start, I want to point you toward the recently updated page which, as you might have guessed from the name alone, gives you the opportunity to see what the newest publications are on the website. I don’t actually know how often this is updated, but it appears that dozens of new comics are added on a weekly basis (I did some Google searches in order to see when new pages were found on the website). I guess meta data on the posts would be pretty useful here at 8muses, but I’m not going to complain since you are getting your hands on free XXX comics! But yeah, definitely suggest looking at the recent comics page – perfect for finding the freshest, most recent mature publications on the site.

Next up: 8muses happens to have a page that you can go for when you want to see how many likes a particular publication has. Only want to look at the cream of the crop from the most popular of publishers? Then click here for sorting based on upvotes. They’ve also got options for ‘views’ if you’re someone that prefers to look at their porn based on the popularity in pure ‘nuts busted’ values. Like I said: the navigation options here are few and far between, but what is offered by the website gives you exactly what you would want from an archive such as this.

Visiting the forums at 8muses

Turns out that 8muses actually has a relatively active forum that you might want to visit at some point. Signing up is free, but you don’t need to register in order to look at the posts, so don’t worry about having to hand over any details if you’re just there to lurk. Since its inception, there have been over 50,000 posts added to the forum: pretty damn impressive if you ask me. The most popular section on the site is the ‘Western Art and Comics’ sub-forum, but there’s also a place for hentai and Asian-focused publications. I guess I should’ve mentioned before that 8muses is primarily focused on the Western cartoon style: it doesn’t have too much hentai, although there are still pockets of Japanese-produced smut there that might have you busting a nut in next to no time.

Some final words on 8muses

Well, I’ve pretty much exhausted both the stuff to talk about and my cock – I had a great time visiting 8muses and I think that anyone looking for a website devoted to Western-style comic book entertainment is going to have an absolute field day here. Definitely consider this one if you haven’t already – the fact that the content is completely free and you’ve got thousands of comics to look through is a major selling point, even if the website and its archive are free to access. Mr. Porn geek is giving 8muses.com his personal seal of approval and two thumbs up for a job well done. Adult cartoon websites aren’t usually as good as this, so props to the gang behind this particular website – they’ve done a fine job of creating a space where anyone can get their hands on the hottest porn comics that have ever been published on the Web.

Review Pros

  • Free XXX comics
  • Lots of uploads
  • Simple navigation

Review Cons

  • Limited search features
  • Some adverts