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Love Latina sluts? Want to find free videos of them online? Well you know that your boy Mr. Porn Geek is going to do whatever it takes in order to give that to you, so buckle up and let’s take a look at one of my favourite sites in this niche: NaoConto. I will just give you a word of warning before you head over: everything here is in Portuguese, so if you’re not familiar with that language, be sure to use Google’s auto-translate feature to get a better understanding of what’s going on with these sexy Latina girls banging on camera. Anyway, let’s visit the site and see what’s good, shall we?

Firstly, I should make it clear that Nao Conto is not exactly a standard porn tube. It functions a bit more like a blog where post displays are concerned, but the videos themselves are very typical with regard to their length, type and quality.

You don’t even need to speak or understand the language here to appreciate the juicy booties and dripping wet pussies on display. understands that fucking is a universal language and with that in mind, they select videos that clearly don’t need any translation as far as the action within is concerned. If you speak fucking fluently – and if you’re reading this you do – then nothing in any of the NaoConto porno will be lost in translation.

Your biggest dilemma when you land on the naoconto homepage will be where to start. They have tons of nude Latina honeys competing for your eyes balls’ attention on every inch of their website. Click on any of the posts and you’ll be treated to whatever awesomeness that particular video has to offer. If seeing that much pussy in one place is overwhelming for you, take a deep breath and hit up the categories tab. It has a drop down menu with at least 19 categories listed. FYI, the categories on naoconto are a little different from the ones you normally see on other porn tubes and blogs.

If you’ve got this whole porn surfing thing down to a tee and don’t need any assistance in finding what gets you off, then the search box was added especially for you. Utilize it to find that good shit. Another good starting place would be the most popular posts of the day.

One thing that really stood out for me as I browsed through the hundreds of nao conto porno videos here is just how much of it is homemade. From the man bending his big booty girlfriend over the desk and banging her from the back on his lunch break to the horny girlfriend recording her man with his head buried deep into her freshly fucked pussy. The Latinas clearly love filming themselves as they fuck and somehow those naughty homemade private sex tapes end up on naoconto!

If you’re Latina and you’ve recorded yourself doing the nasty or taken some nude selfies but your tape and pics aren’t featured here yet, you can submit them yourself! Just look for the “send photos” tab and you’ll find all the info you need to send in to be featured. Do it right and you could be the next web whore men around the world empty their sperm banks to!

Like many sites that boast South American content, the Latinas taking cock here are pretty much always amateur. Low quality film of high quality sluts that you really want to get balls deep inside – just the way god intended these Latina tube sites to be like! Anyway, check it out and enjoy yourself some videos, they’re great.

Review Pros
  • Some sexy videos
  • Lots of amateur scenes
Review Cons
  • Blog style approach
  • Some short clips