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You know you’re getting your hands on some crazy Indian porn when the site’s title is something you cannot pronounce! Doodhwali means – actually, you know what – I’ve got no idea at all. I did some Googling and I literally have no clue as to what Doodhwali translates to in English! My guess is something like a specific Indian word similar to ‘smut’, but no translation software could tell me what it actually comes out as.

I did find one website that claimed that doodhwali means milk woman which in the context of this site could refer to how well these horny Indian sluts milk the hell out of the cocks handed to them. I’m really reaching here, aren’t I? Anyway, to the site itself: this is a tube and yeah, it’s got some goods in regard to Indian porn waiting for you if you decide to visit.

The design of the site is very ergonomic – it just displays the thumbnails of the videos and not much else. I’d say that around 90% of the scenes here are authentic amateurs in action, with many being pure Indians that lived in India when the fucking happened. One thing that really jumped out at me as I browsed through the porn here is just how shy the Indians are.

I say that because a rather large portion of the videos involve masked men or masked women or in some cases both parties are hiding their faces. I guess they don’t mind recording their sexual activities for the world to see but only if their faces are hidden. Don’t worry though, nothing else is hidden so if its dick sliding into a wet brown pussy you want to see, that’s very visible.

I’ll also mention that alongside all of the great Indian porn clips, Doodhwali has a collection of photos for you to browse and enjoy. Categories are attached to the various scenes too, making the job of finding specific Indian porn a real walk in the park. Doodhwali is as simple a site as they come.

They don’t make you jump through hoops to get to the action. In fact they seem to have gone out of their way to make their videos and pics as accessible as possible. Its not the fanciest porn tube online but ultimately, paying a visit is a good idea for some Desi action.

Review Pros
  • Amateur Indian porn
  • Great design
Review Cons
  • No 'top rated' page
  • Average quality scenes