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The porn premise of this site is pretty simple: two very proud fathers have their daughters hang out together and one day, decide that it’s a good idea to switch them around so they can fuck one another’s little princesses. My Daughter Swap has perfected the art of taboo pleasures and now, it’s your time to enjoy younger girls experiencing mature men that have big, meaty cocks for them to enjoy. It’s a classic ‘you fuck my daughter, I’ll fuck yours’ exchange that results in some pretty funny storylines. Anyway, I’m headed inside to see what’s up.

This site is fairly new, and while the content archive isn’t the biggest, you do get weekly updates that bring you some great daughter swap pleasures. The HD quality of the videos is on point and subjectively, everything about the clips is what you want from this type of adult video hub. Daughter Swap has impressive girls featuring on their site and they definitely know how to fuck. These are pornstars that are paid to simulate the action, so you don’t have to feel dirty in the slightest for enjoying it, you bloody perverts.

Daughter Swap Review

Daughter Swap has an easy interface to play around with and see what’s what and what’s best but you do need to purchase a membership to see full scenes and enjoy the entirety of the collection of smut that you’re totally going to want to see. It’s a simple design with a bright purple background and pink lettering which shows the essence of the porn website’s message which is two daughters getting switched and fuck their dad’s friends. There are many combinations of scenes including titles such as Daughters and Dad Bods and Free the Nipple.

The top of the Daughter Swap homepage, you will notice many tabs to go through and get more of what you want. The tabs include scenes, girls, favorites, request a girl, top rated, and member login. The quote that the porn website uses to be about itself is “Dad’s fuck each others teen daughters.” This is the best website to get your kicks off and take your pants off while viewing barely legal ladies go wild.

One of the best things about Daughter Swap is that when you join the website and become a member you gain access to over 25 other porn sites to enjoy and spread your wings of some freaky scenarios. Scroll down the home page to find interesting scenes or search for something specific you have in mind.

Daughter Swap is a great site for taboo fun and also the mobile interface is easy to use and get what you want from the site. As far as customer service goes, you’ll be happy to realize that there is 24/7 access to support. To find help, scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and click on the customer service link. Daughter Swap also has an extensive FAQ page that many if not all your questions will be answered there. You can also email or call to get your answers directly.

Daughter Swap Bonus Content

Daughter Swap offers its members bonus content through giving access to over 25 other websites! If this doesn’t make you happy, I don’t know what will. This means hundreds of videos of daughters fucking their dad’s friends. All kinds of naughty and unique scenes with the hottest daughters doing the sexiest swaps!

Daughter Swap Discounts

There a few different memberships to consider if you want to check out a lot of this amazing daughter fucking! The cheapest option is the 2-day trial membership, which costs $1. You can go for the 1-month option at $24.87 per month or you can go for the full year membership which will cost you $119.40 but is a cheaper option because if you break it down monthly it only comes to $9.99 per month. You can make a payment through a major credit card or by using PayPal. If you know you’re into the kind of nasty material that you will see all over Daughter Swap and can afford it, you should benefit from getting the year membership. If you’re not sure what’s up with this site yet and want to check it out further before really committing to payment, check out that cheap as hell dollar 2-day trial membership and then you can go from there.

Memberships get you to access to unlimited HD streaming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, mobile access, access to over 25 different websites for you to get your full fill of raunchy Daughter Swap porn, updates, amateur adult entertainment performances, around the clock member support and more.

When it comes to getting refunded, Daughter Swap is pretty lenient when it comes to getting a refund. So long as you’re in a 60-day window of payment, you can likely get your money back. However, it is a case by case and the customer service management can be contacted if you believe a refund should occur.

The Best of Daughter Swap

• One of the most intense porn website ideas
• Great selection of HD videos
• Awesome mobile interface
• Access to over 25 porn websites by becoming a member of Daughter Swap

The Worst of Daughter Swap

• If the idea of two daughters having sex with their fathers’ friend isn’t hot for you, this website may not be ideal

The Bottom Line about Daughter Swap

Daughter Swap is a wild idea that has given all you perverts a place to see your wild ideas come to life with HD videos of hardcore taboo material. I fully recommend you toying with this website and experiencing all the fantastic benefits of membership, even if you start out with a 2-day trial membership which would give you a good idea of what to expect. See daughters in interesting scenarios with their father’s friends!

Review Pros

  • Crazy site idea
  • HD videos

Review Cons

  • Not many scenes
  • No bonus sites