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What is it with you guys and porn from India? Seems like I can’t go a few days without someone sending over an email trying to get me to take a new look at a great Indian porn site they came across. Thankfully, all of those emails have paid off, because I finally found a site worth sharing! It’s called Daily Indian Sex and basically, you’ll be seeing a lot of Desi babes on a regular basis that just want to fuck while recording themselves doing it. Note that Daily Indian Sex is almost 100% amateur porn from India, so if you want something professional, look elsewhere!

This tube site updates often and has scenes from all over India for you to enjoy. One thing I’m a little disappointed about is the fact that there are no areas to see the most viewed, highest rated, etc. scenes. Thankfully, there is a category page for the Indian porn videos here, so if you want to only check out shower scenes, solo babes, lesbians or something else with an Indian twist, it’s easier done than said. All in all, not a bad place to grab the Desi porn clips you desire.

Review Pros
  • 100% Indian porn
  • Loads fast
Review Cons
  • Big adverts
  • No 'top rated' area