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I don’t think it’s silly to suggest that when it comes to streaming XXX webcam fun, Mr. Porn Geek is one of the best at hooking you up with the go-to destinations. Today, I want to discuss a hub by the name of Jerkmate: it’s a place to find the hottest live streams and the best part is – you can use this platform completely free of charge. That’s right: you won’t need to pay a fortune for the pleasure of having hot webcam fun with girls from all over the globe – all you’ve got to do is hit up this website and you’re good to go. You know that Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t peddle anything that’s less than the best and believe me: I’m fully convinced that this spot is the best thing since sliced bread. When you need to jerk and there’s no place that’s quite doing it for you – well, MPG suggests that you go here. Why? Let me explain – full details down below!

What exactly is this website all about?

When you hit up the homepage of this platform, you’ll be presented with a system that allows you to find your ‘perfect jerkoff partner’ – all you have to do is answer a few questions about the type of thing that you’re into. To kick things off: you’ll want to let the system know if you’re looking for guys, girls, transsexuals or couples. Select the option that best aligns with your desires and you’ll be provided with a few more options about the cams that you might be interested in. Don’t worry, you’re not going to have to answer a complete Q&A here – just the basics so that the platform can work out what’s going to get you hot under the collar. Note that you can go ahead and filter based on a wide variety of different desires at any point: I know that plenty of readers here at Mr. Porn Geek have different preferences and requirements when it comes to the webcam streams they’re interested in, so don’t go thinking that you’re locked in once you make a selection!

How good are the webcams?

I’m someone who really enjoys high-quality webcam streams, so I’m pleased to report that Jerkmate utilizes up to 1080p streaming capabilities – just so long as the person you’re looking to watch has a decent enough webcam. I think that better objective quality when it comes to cams is the way of the future, and a lot of the popular girls online are willing to spend a few bucks to ensure that they can put on quite the performance. This website also allows for you to lower the quality of streams too: good for those on mobile data plans, lower quality PCs or restricted bandwidths. That said, MPG does recommend that you try to watch all of the streamers here in high definition – you really will notice the difference between a HD sex stream and one that’s coming in at 480p. Can the latter be enjoyable? Of course – but suffice to say, the more pixels you have coming through, the better your jerking session is going to be.

How many streamers are on JM?

As much as I think quality is the better metric, you’ll be pleased to know that this platform has really taken the Internet by storm and right now, there are thousands of live people on cam. You can join them if you want – that’s right: it’s possible to turn on your own webcam and have hot, live fun with anyone that you want. As you can probably imagine, the best looking girls here are highly competitive and you might not get their attention immediately, but give it a shot and tell Mr. Porn Geek how you managed to get on. I have no doubt that there are lots of sexy readers taking a look at this right now and they’re going to be able to pull some really hot broads over on JerkMate! Will you bump into me? Well, if you’re a hot chick and you’re looking for a live guy – there’s always the chance. Whoever the dude is with the biggest dick and the sexiest body – yeah, that’s me, although I’ll never admit to it, so don’t bother asking!

Every month, it appears that thousands more users join the platform and use it as their regular spot for cam hookup fun. There are also shemales and couples here, so if you’re the type of person that wants to get down and dirty on cam with something other than your typical camgirl – well, that’s always going to be an option. I also want to again mention that there are guys who stream here – some of them are gay, some of them are straight. It’s a playground for anyone and everyone that feels like some cam action. Believe me: you’re not going to be disappointed with what you find here if you’re looking for cam entertainment.

My final thoughts

There are plenty of destinations on the Internet that you can visit for XXX videos: many of them are great. Thing is – when it comes to live fun, the number of spots that have a decent number of streamers is somewhat limited. Thankfully, JM has what you seek and I can personally verify that it’s a great spot. Don’t settle for anything less than the greatest when it comes to great camming fun: Mr. Porn Geek only wants you to hit up the best locations and I can say with confidence that this is exactly what this platform provides. Get the ultimate live sex experience with a whoopping 10% OFF click here right now – only on this website. Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you in my next blog post. Peace!