That Time NASA Sent Nude Women to the Moon

Astro On Moon

You’re probably not old enough to remember the Apollo 11 landing (I know I’m sure not!) but did you know that after Apollo 11, the US continued to send people to the moon? Apollo 12 took off just a short time after the first landing in November of 1969 and unlike the first mission, this time, the astronauts took porn with them.

I know – it’s crazy – but absolutely true! Dave Scott, the backup commander to the Apollo 12 mission, decided that his time as a secondary choice for the adventure into space was best spent providing the men that would land on the Moon with access to some sexy babes. See, on the arm of every suit the astronauts wore was a small flipbook detailing what was expected of them during the mission. It functioned as a checklist of sorts and would ensure that they were on time and on schedule for everything they needed to do.

You can actually see the checklist of the playmates listed on the official NASA archive documents, located here. They’re simply called ‘Playmate No. 1’ and ‘Playmate No. 2’. So you don’t have to go hunting for this, I’ve included the images below!

“It was about two and a half hours into the extravehicular activity, I flipped the page over and there she was. I hopped over to where Pete was and showed him mine, and he showed me his! We giggled and laughed so much.” – Alan Bean commented many years later on the event to Playboy.

So yeah, there you have it – a historical archive of NASA’s second mission to land on an object 250,000 miles away using less technology than is contained in a modern car, accompanied by some very sexy and naked women.

If you’d like to hear how the Astronauts on the Apollo 12 mission reacted, I managed to find a copy of a 1994 edition of Playboy where they discuss it. You can read it here.