Selena Gomez: Hot Nudes and a Sex Tape?!

I mean, the stuff we would do to Selena Gomez if she would let us. I mean when did this babe become such a little sexpot? From her appearances on television to her wardrobe malfunctions to her purposeful teases and more, Selena Gomez is the thing of dreams, well out wet dreams at least. She is not afraid to show off her body and you can tell that she keeps it toned and tight. Selena flaunts it all on the stage for millions of fans and now we get to see all the rest of it from her personal photo collection, and some great paparazzi shots as well.

We all know who Selena Gomez is, she’s a pretty popular star that started her career in the limelight young. We have watched as this babe grew up and all of a sudden, she became this sexpot. She has that barely legal look that we all crave. You know, the big doe eyes, the tight tiny bodies. The barely legal girls are always playing the sexy schoolgirl or the naughty stepdaughter, Selena Gomez would fit into these roles perfectly. If this babe did actual porn, she would shoot to the top of the rankings no questions asked. But until she decides to take an actual step into the adult entertainment industry, we can drool over her tease photos. And the sex tape that is possibly hers. There has been no word on if her sex tape was leaked but the girls in these videos look too similar to not have to look twice.

Selena Gomez has no fear about flaunting what she has, after all, what she has is tiny B cups tits, a perfectly round ass, a tight tiny tummy and long brown hair you can imagine grabbing as she sucks your cock. This girl is in her prime, whether she is traveling or with her boyfriend of the time or friends, this babe shows off her body wherever she can. And if she’s on stage it’s even better! You can see her dance like she belongs on a pole and sings about some pretty dirty things. We would love to see this hottie on a pole either on stage or in the bedroom if we are being completely honest. She has even sung about liking girls! Wouldn’t it be hot to see her tongue fucking some other little starlets cum box? We can only dream and hope that she lets us see that one day.

Selena Gomez nude is really a treat. She has been on the cover of multiple magazines as well as in their spreads getting pretty naked for the camera but its never completely fully so we can see her pussy. She loves her body, as do we and she’s not afraid to bare it in moderation until her unpublished photos came out that is. She frequently shows side boob and will even dress in extremely low-cut tops that are just centimeters above showing off her pretty pink nipples. But in the photos where she’s not in public or on a magazine cover, you get to see so much more. There are photos where her bathing suit has gone completely see-through and you get to see it all! Cute little shaved pussy and everything.

If you are lucky you have been one of the people that has gotten to see Selena Gomez topless. She will go to resorts and private spas and go completely bikini free. Her tits may be on the smaller side, but they fit her body well. Plus, the confidence she has to walk around with her top off makes it even sexier to see her relaxed and not scared to show off.

The fappening is still a thing and yes there are constantly photos being leaked to the fappening so we can all see our favorite celebs posing nude for the paparazzi or for their own private collection. Thanks to the fappening Selena Gomez has some super sexy photos out there on the internet for us to see. In some photos she is teasing the camera, letting just one of her pretty perky boobs pop out of her shirt. You really just want to cup it in your hand and then bend her over and fuck her. This chick knows what she is doing when she takes these photos and its hot.

Selena Gomez also has photos of her toned tiny ass. While we have seen most of it on stage or in her tiny bikinis, which there are also some great photos of, seeing her personal collection of pics is even sexier. She gets naked or wears lingerie just so we can see all the perfection.

There is a rumor that Selena Gomez made a sex tape. No one is really sure if the girl in the is her but if it is, and we are going to imagine it is, Selena Gomez porn would be fucking amazing. There are a few videos surfacing that could be her fucking some really big and hard cocks. In one of them, you can watch as she deepthroats a huge hard cock. This babe totally knows what she is doing when it comes to being a cum slut. Her partner is not afraid to pick her up and move her around however he has to to have her writhing with pleasure. In another video, the supposed Selena Gomez is touching herself for the camera. She shows us exactly what she likes and how to get her pussy wet. If this is really Selena Gomez in these videos, this babe should join the porn community right now, if it’s not well these chicks look close enough to her to let us keep our fantasies that Selena Gomez is a naughty slut.

Any way you look at it, Selena Gomez ha some great content out there. Combined with these porn clips she can make anyone cum. From Selena Gomez completely nude to her almost topless, side boob and then just seeing Selena Gomez’s ass, you’re going to want to cum all over this chick.