Pornstar Moriah Mills Exposes Zion Williamson’s Cheating


Oh man, Mr. Porn Geek does love him some drama when it comes to ebony pornstars.

You’ve probably seen a video or two featuring Moriah Mills – she’s one of the biggest ebony stars out there and has over 1.1 million followers on Twitter alone. She used to have more on Instagram – until her account got banned for being too X-rated. Need to put a face to a name? Don’t worry: before we get into this juicy story, I’m going to hook you up with some Moriah Mills porn so you can jerk while you read about all the drama. Believe me, there’s some real juice to this girl – and this story. I love me a curvy black goddess, and that’s exactly what Moriah Mills is.

Yeah, she’s got a fat ass, and I know that you dirty wankers want nothing more than to fuck her butt until you bust. Come on man – you’d last 10 seconds in Moriah Mills before you let off! Who are you kidding pretending otherwise? Anyway, in the last few hours I’ve seen a bunch of drama coming from Moriah Mills, and that’s because the guy she was with – Zion Williamson – has gone and knocked up some other chick. She’s scornful and believe me: nothing quite beats a black broad who’s willing to put it all out there for the world to know about. She’s on a mission to let everyone know about Zion’s cheating ass and well, let’s just say that she’s properly pissed.

Now usually in these situations, I’d go ahead and just embed the Tweets – but they might end up deleted, so I’m going to screenshot and link instead. Believe Mr. Porn Geek though: these are legitimate Tweets from Moriah Mills talking smack about Zion and what he’s been doing. She’s a badass bitch who’s going to war, that’s for damn sure.

Moriah brought receipts with her when accusing Zion of cheating. You can tell from the messages that Zion’s a total player. Do I judge him for having multiple chicks on the go? Nah, but you better believe that this guy wasn’t trying to get this other chick pregnant. “Yeah baby, I’m on birth control, nut in me daddy” – then he’s unleashing a load deep inside that sweet side pussy, thinking it wouldn’t be a thing. Well, Zion, turned out that it was a thing. Too bad, huh?

This ebony pornstar isn’t shy about talking sex either: I gotta give it to my man Zion for spitting in Moriah’s mouth because damn, that shit is always hot. Here’s a little tip from Mr. Porn Geek: if you want to be able to do this type of thing, get your girl to spit in your mouth first. That’s going to bring spitting into the picture and from that point on, you’re able to do whatever you want. Grab her by her throat, tell her to open up and put as much of your mouth juice into her gob as you want. Give her a squeeze around the throat and yeah – safe to say she’s going to cream on your shaft in no time at all. That’s just how things are.

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say about this situation. Did Zion get trapped by a lying ass biatch, or did he want to knock up some broad while having Moriah on the go too? Let me know what you think – in the meantime, here’s a video of Moriah that I know you’re going to love. Oh, and please check out my top rated ebony porn sites if you want to see Moriah Mills in action!