Asian Girls Love White Dick: WMAF Video Collection


It’s official: Asian women just love a big white cock inside their tight pussies.

Don’t believe me? Well, here are some clips I’ve sourced that tell you everything you need to know about Asian babes and their fascination with hung white studs. Nothing gets an Eastern girl wetter than the idea of a white dude inside of them – believe me, I’ve been with every type of Asian babe on the planet and all of them were more than willing to specifically mention the interracial angle of our interactions while getting down and dirty. Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Viet, Pinay – it really doesn’t matter. They’re all fiends when it comes to big white cock. I love it when they talk about it too, because you know they always dream of having this intimate, erotic session with a Western man. Damn, I’m thinking about this sweet Vietnamese treat I had a few weeks ago and it makes me want to head over to Saigon just to land myself more of that deliciousness. Okay, I’ll stop talking about my adventures now: instead, I’m going to hook you up with videos and clips of Asian women professing their addiction to white meat. Ready? You better be.

Car Fuck Cutie

I don’t know where this particular young Asian girl is from, but her accent does sound a little American (if you ask me, at least). Anyway, those eyes are so pretty and when she admits that she loves big white cock – damn, that gets me hard as fuck. She’s also got a sexy pair of lips! Wish I had the chance to fuck Asian girls in my car like this every fucking day. Do I have a BWC? That’s not the point, goddamn it!

Ellie Lai Taking BWC

I really do appreciate women who lean into this niche, and Ellie Lai is exactly that. Hell, on her OnlyFans she even states that if you want a dick rating, you’ve gotta pay extra if you’re an Asian guy! Can you believe that? She’s pretty damn evil, but I guess when you’re addicted to white cock like Ellie is, there’s no other way to do things. On Twitter, she even said that “Asian women belong to white men. Now and always.” – am I going to complain about having this property? Of course not. Hey Ellie – if you wanna fuck MPG, reach out and we can collaborate together. I think you’d have a great time with me!

TheAsmaraDana Sucking Dick

It’s short, it’s sweet – it’s everything you need to know about the reality of Asian women. If you put a BWC in front of them, they’re going to sink to their knees and do what needs to be done. You have to understand that you’re not the one getting the pleasure in these circumstances – they’re doing it to please themselves, you’re just along for the ride. Dana’s Canadian but man, are those eyes just so fucking beautiful. I like what she did with her hair too – would you believe that this pretty little Asian slut is into DDLG activities? Of course she is. What a cutie.

Asian Girl Gets Creampied

This is what it’s all about: having an Asian girl beg you to cum deep inside of her. You can tell from the sound of her voice that she really wants to be filled up. I also love the fact that she’s got an accent – there’s a good chance that this is a Chinese exchange student in America that was keen to get pounded by a local. Part of the benefit that comes with visiting a foreign country, right? This is why so many Asian girls study overseas – they want to get creampied by white dudes.

White Cock Only!

Again: listen to the voice of this girl. You know everything that she’s saying here is 100% true. When you’re in the heat of the moment and these girls have the ability to be honest – they’re going to tell you the truth about their slits. This gorgeous goddess wants nothing more than to give over ownership of her Asian pussy to a white guy, and that’s exactly what she’s done! Tell me honestly: do you think you’d be able to resist busting in this girl’s snatch when she says stuff like this? I certainly don’t think it’d be possible for me, that’s for damn sure.

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