Yorkshire Man Caught Jerking Off While Driving

Yorkshire Car Wanker

This just goes to show that having a woman in your life is very, very important.

Look, if you need to bust a nut while driving between your two different jobs that’s fine – just make sure you’ve got a hot babe in the passenger seat that’s capable of helping you with the task at hand! Take a look at this Tweet and tell me that there’s nothing wrong here:

Yeah, driving safely is important, but so is getting your end away! I doubt that the guy behind the wheel was just doing it for fun: men have needs when it comes to shooting ropes, and I’m not going to shame any man that wants to tug on his sausage even if it is in the middle of the day. What I’ll say is this: if you’re driving around the North of England and you suddenly feel the need to watch a porn video on one of Mr. Porn Geek’s most recommended tube sites, do yourself a favor and find a safe place to stop! Pull over and then pull yourself off: it’s a simple solution to all of your problems.

And look, if you do absolutely need to wank while behind the wheel: make sure your damn vehicle is insured! You’re going to be in a world of pain if not, just like this dude was when his car got taken away from him as a result of his stupid antics. Mr. Porn Geek might have to start promoting a ‘safe masturbation’ program to ensure that anyone who drops by here isn’t getting themselves in the shit. I mean, this isn’t the first time that someone has been caught doing something silly like this. Maybe it’s an English thing, because I remember this video coming up a few years back and it went viral in the United Kingdom – probably the funniest thing I’ve watched in a very long time, but it demonstrates quite the trend in British sentiment toward porn and driving.

I’ve just moved back to England, I guess Brexit has started to mess with people’s heads.

What do you guys think, anyway – worth jerking your little pickle when on the road or not? I’ve only ever jerked off once in a car and that was when I was a passenger. It didn’t cause any accidents. I was sitting in the back behind my mum driving and she didn’t even notice! I would have totally gotten away with it too, but my nan was sitting in the middle seat and she didn’t take too kindly to the experience. It was on the way to my sister’s funeral, so I guess that might have played a part.