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What’s the story with FictionMania?

FictionMania is a bunch of sexy little stories created by a group of heroes! This bunch of awesome cunts have written sexy stories and posted them on FictionMania for free for anyone to enjoy. However, before you go to FictionMania and start browsing their website like a sexy online library, it’s important to know that their stories are all about the trans community. Many of their stories involve transitioning men and ladies who have very much transitioned and they are ready to fuck world in their new awesome form! So, if you don’t like any of the shit I just told ya, don’t go over to FictionMania and stop bitching and moaning about shit! You know, so go or don’t!

For those of you that are into transgender porn stories and are wondering whether FictionMania is the best place to find these stories, I guess there’s only one way to find out! Grab your stockings, your little red dress and those sexy high-heels and let’s review this fucker, shall we?

The design of FictionMania

I bring up the design of FictionMania before the stories because I feel like the design of this site really needs to be discussed! The way the design of this porn stories site works is that it only offers you one story at a time on the main page of the site. So rather than just a long list of sexy stories, you get one! You can go on to the “new stories” part of the site where you’ll find a list of the stories from recent days, but that is about it.

I think that this design really breaks up the site and not in a nice way. There are over 30,000 stories on FictionMania, so to see just one on the homepage is a little bit of a piss-take, to be honest. Plus, the whole design of the site is really old. The site is just a blank white page with black text on it. There are hardly any photos or anything that breaks up the text at all. I find this design troubling, though. As these are porn stories, I can see the design making sense as it does make the site feel like a book. However, I feel like the actual homepage needs to be updated. FictionMania just doesn’t feel very inviting and this is a real shame cos I think the stories on this site are pretty good!

The stories on FictionMania

Right, if any of you easily offended cunts haven’t fucked the fuck off yet, now is your chance! I am about to talk about a trans story from this website. If you don’t want to hear about it, fuck off now!

Right, now all those cunts have fucked off, let’s talk porn stories from FictionMania. This story is about Brett becoming Brittany. As Brett transitions, she starts to get some warm feelings for a friend that she has known for many many years. Once Brett is Brittany, these two get on like a house on fire and begin exploring their newly formed forms and, to spoil the ending, fuck like animals!

Of course, with 30,000 stories on FictionMania, I can’t say if this porn story is typical of the type on this site, but I can say it was enjoyable. It was a long story, but it was well worth a read! If all the stories on FictionMania are this long, I can start to see why their design is so shit. If they had a fancy design, I don’t think the servers would cope with all the information.

A feature I would love FictionMania to add

I would love it if FictionMania considering making their homepage look a bit more modern. I think this site should keep the story pages exactly the same as the white background certainly makes it easy to read the stories. However, the homepage is just a blank looking website page that could really use a design overhaul. If FictionMania made this page a lot more modern, I think they would get more people to their site. Nothing major, just a little bit of a fresh look.

Please do not change anything about the community on your site though FictionMania. The community on FictionMania, from what I have seen, is nothing short of amazing. I believe that all of the stories on FictionMania are made by members of the community and so far, I haven’t come across a bad one! This is a big fucking deal! Most sites like these are full of awful shit, but FictionMania seems great! Once again, I haven’t check all 30,000 stories on here, so I am sure there are some shit stories on here somewhere, but I can’t find any so you probably won’t either!

The Geek’s final thoughts on FictionMania

When I first got on FictionMania, I thought that the site looked rough as fuck. That is usually an indication of a shit porn site. However, though digging around, I was surprised to find a really nice feeling porn site. The community really makes FictionMania feel like a nice place to be, and all of the stories that I have read have been good and really interesting, and naughty as all fuck!

So, yeah sure I would love FictionMania to redo the design of their homepage, it is truly the oldest homepage I have seen so far on this porn quest. There is a banner on the homepage that talks about an award FictionMania won in 1999! So, FictionMania isn’t perfect, but I don’t care. The community is fucking awesome, the stories are great, and the sex in the stories is even better! Check out my new story on FictionMania titled “when MrPornGeek turned into MrsPornGeek!”

Review Pros
  • Loads of stories
  • Volunteer-run
  • A real labour of love
Review Cons
  • Basic website design