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Sex Penetrator: Mr. Porn Geek’s analysis

How many of you come to Mr. Porn Geek for the very best in hardcore sex gaming? I’m sure it’s a lot of you, which is why I’m always working overtime to bring you the very best in erotic gaming bliss focused around wild fucking and sucking. Today is no different, so let’s get on with the task at hand: I want to find out if SexPenetrator is a good project that’ll have you shooting ropes of cum in no time at all. As you may all well know, I’m Mr. Porn Geek and when it comes to giving you great sex sim games, few do it better than I do! Now then: let’s check out Sex Penetrator for a complete review.

First thoughts on SexPenetrator

So the first thing that I want to talk about with regard to Sex Penetrator is the status of this game as of the beginning of 2020. The game only launched in March and according to the development manifesto, they’re currently in a closed beta stage, which offers you full access to SexPenetrator completely free of charge. I know that a lot of readers here drive a hard bargain and want to get their hands on great porn games without having to pay for them, so yeah – good job Sex Penetrator for giving us a full-blown release that doesn’t require us to part with any cash. To qualify for an account, all you have to provide is an email address, password and age confirmation. The process takes about 60 seconds and once it’s done, you’re inside – sweet!

Playing Sex Penetrator in your browser

Sex Penetrator is eventually going to be released for Windows and MacOS downloads, but right now, you’re only going to play it directly from your browser, with official support given to Chrome, Safari and Firefox. I want to stress that this is the full game and the download will just be optional for offline play – both have exactly the same content, resolutions and so on. Additionally, Sex Penetrator is ran through the WebGL Unity framework thingy – meaning it’s future-proofed when browsers eventually shut down the ability for folks to run Flash on their PCs.

Gameplay in focus on SexPenetrator

The game starts off with a quick tutorial on how to use all of the features – it’s pretty comprehensive, so go ahead and play through it. I’m sure you’ll be jerking off while you fiddle with the options and whatnot: the graphics here are simply unreal. I feel as if Sex Penetrator is one of the most impressive titles when it comes to visual quality, especially since everything is loaded straight from the browser. They’ve got a great selection of preprogrammed girls for you to fuck too, although perhaps my favorite feature is the customization area of SexPenetrator: you’ll design your very own characters!

Character creation with Sex Penetrator

All of the best games out there give you a bunch of options when it comes to designing and interacting with characters: this is very much the case with Sex Penetrator too. They’ve got a huge number of things for you to fiddle and play with. We’re talking height control, breast shape, hip-width, eye color, skin tone and so on. You can even pick from a bunch of different ears and noses: gives you full control over what the girl you’re about to destroy looks like! Perhaps one of the greatest features here is your ability to export and import different models, with a section on the site dedicated to looking through what other people have put together. There’s one guy called Teagon29: he’s got around 50 pornstars right now, including the likes of Alexis Texas, Brandi Love and Dillion Harper. Simply select the chick, copy her code and paste it into the ‘import’ area of Sex Penetrator: job done!

My final thoughts on Sex Penetrator

Well guys: I think it’s safe to say that I’m a massive fan of Sex Penetrator and everything that it has to offer. This is a free browser game, so you’ve got basically nothing to lose except a few minutes if you’re not happy with the experience. Mr. Porn Geek is always careful when it comes to porn games: they’re often outdated and poor quality. Thankfully, that’s something you don’t need to be concerned about with SexPenetrator! I enjoyed every last minute that I spent on this particular game and you better believe that I’ll be returning after I publish this review to play it for a little longer. Anyhow: cheers for reading yet another porn game review – check my category if you want to find more great alternatives. Stay safe and happy fapping – peace!

Review Pros
  • Stellar HD graphics
  • Free beta account
  • Import model feature
Review Cons
  • Limited storyline
  • Average loading time