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Interactive porn at Life Selector

I’ve reviewed my fair share of porn websites over the years that have brought a whole new approach to the game of smut, but none have really expanded on the industry as much as Life Selector has. You might have heard about this place before but honestly – nothing does it justice until you experience the interactive porn for yourself. Now I know what you’re thinking: “Mr. Porn Geek, just how on Earth are these porn videos interactive and why does that mean they’re good?” – that’s the question I’m going to answer for you to day. Let’s jump on in to the member’s area of Life Selector to see what’s up for grabs, shall we? Read below as Mr. Porn Geek gives this place the full review.

The initial experience at Life Selector

After logging in to the website for the first time, you’ll be presented with a list of the top rated uploads just below a header banner that showcases random shoots. Do note that in the top right-hand corner you’ve got a trailer to enjoy that goes through exactly what Life Selector is and how the whole website works – it’s pretty easy once you get the gist of it! Now before we go actually having some fun and games, I think it’s wise to check out all of the areas of the website first. Save the best until last, right? It’s a simple rule of life that would make the world a much better place if everyone followed it!

Taking you on the Life Selector tour

So the first area I think you’ll really want to visit is the pornstars page (called models on Life Selector – how supportive!). It would appear that the default sorting of pornstars is based on popularity, which is why some of the big ticket names such as Elsa Jean, Riley Reid and Kimmy Granger appear without you even needing to scroll down.  One thing I’m slightly disappointed about is the fact that Life Selector doesn’t let you sort models based on various metrics, such as ethnicity, number of scenes, age, cup size or anything else – I really want to be able to see nothing but busty Latinas, damn it! Clicking on the model’s name will then show you all of the scenes they’ve appeared in as well as a short biography that tells you all about them and their work in the adult entertainment industry. Despite limited filtering, I still think Life Selector’s model pages are pretty damn fantastic.

Next up, I do want to briefly touch on the ‘pre-order’ page: it’s like Kickstarter, only for smut. You’ll find a huge number of virtual scenes to get here that are top-tier exclusives and come with a bunch of surprise features, story arcs and so on. It seems that almost all of the offered shoots are completely funded by members of Life Selector: glad to see such a vibrant community here! It’s quite obvious to me that people are willing to pay good money for the best interactive porn money can buy, which probably goes some way toward explaining why Life Selector has enjoyed so much success over the last few years. Definitely check this place out if you want the ultimate girlfriend experience: I was amazed at the sheer production value that went into the scenes here.

The Life Selector content test

You’ve probably figured out by now that Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t really just review websites – he reviews content too! I decided it was a good idea to spend an extra long time inside Life Selector to give you my honest opinion: no point rushing when I can take my time and enjoy the experience, right? Scenes typically start off with a pretty teasing trailer before you’re given a choice to make. For instance, in one video you’ll be given the task of picking from three step-daughters to talk to first, with each having a little description attached to tell you how the video might develop (one girl needs help practicing twerking, whereas another can’t sleep). You’ll click on your choice and the next segment of video will play – the great thing is that it’s all done with the mouse, so one-handed users will be absolutely fine squeezing their hog and controlling the action with their spare hand.

Scenes progression costs credits and these can be purchased in bulk at any point in time. Prices are pretty reasonable and if you get a huge chunk – say 5,000 at a time – you get a stellar discount. The average shoot really doesn’t cost all that much and some of the earlier scenes are heavily discounted so if you don’t mind non-fresh smut, heading back a few years is a great way to save big on this interactive porn. I really do love the production value here and I’m convinced that average readers of Mr. Porn Geek are going to have a field day once they’re taking part in the experience. I just love how you get to dictate what happens – feels real good.

Quality at Life Selector

Scenes can be enjoyed in a range of qualities, with most being offered in 360p, 480p, 720p and 1080p configurations. Sadly, it doesn’t appear that 4K quality is on the table just yet, but I have no doubt that they’re probably going to start working on VR smut in the not too distant future (it just goes way too well with the niche). Life Selector’s actually one of my favorite websites right now insofar as its smut is concerned and the quality is great in terms of production value: these guys really go above and beyond to bring you killer adult entertainment!

Final thoughts on Life Selector

The idea of ‘choose your own adventure’ is hardly new to the story telling genre, but I’m pretty confident that very few of you would have had this type of porn experience before. The fact of the matter is that Life Selector’s going above and beyond for XXX entertainment and their commitment to interactive porn games is truly refreshing. This is a website I can fully get behind and with very few negatives, I’m struggling to come up with reasons not to just sign up and take a look around. It’s completely free to grab an account and you even get some trial scenes to enjoy – perfection if you ask me!

So what are you waiting for, pal? Venture forth to Life Selector now and enjoy yourself some interactive porn!

Review Pros
  • High quality productions
  • Free to join
  • Unique concept
Review Cons
  • Limited free videos
  • Some adverts