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Lesson of Passion Review

While doing research on adult games, I soon learned that Lesson of Passion Gold was pretty much the gold standard (pun intended) of online erotic games. It has an incredibly sexy game collection, the ability for you to hunt achievements and yeah – all games are provided to you for one single price.

Oh, I know that you think that paying for games is something for suckers, but believe me: once you get inside LOP Gold, you’re going to realize that this is worth every single dollar. Their collection of realistic porn games is literally out of this world – visit the tour and see for yourself!

Game titles exclusive to LessonofPassion

Titles produced by the team at Lessons of Passion include Seducing the Throne, City of Love, Story of Didi and Trip to Paradise. The huge range of titles is pretty incredible and you can click on all of the titles from the homepage to learn a little bit more about them.

Your biggest dilemma on Lesson of Passion will be what game to start with. They’re all good so it’ll come down to what you’re in the mood for. If you’ve always wanted to try out a threesome but never had the courage to, for example, you can start with Jacob’s Rebound. That’s a game that follows a pro-baller turned gym owner on his wild three way sex adventures. You have three expansion options here so you can either have marathon sex, develop your relationship with the girls or simply choose one of two endings with two girls each.

Or maybe threesomes are too intense for you but you’re all about that sorority life – then Pledge is the game for you. It follows Melissa’s journey through the drinking and partying mess that’s commonly referred to as college and this particular title gives you 7 engagement options to take after Melissa’s parents threaten to cut her off. One of the options is for her to become a webcam girl and perform shows to make money and the other has her seducing her exotic roomie and teaching her how to make love to a woman.

Then there’s Serbian Casino – a smash hit among the LOP gold members. This passionate tale follows a married couple on a dangerous gambling spree that sees them getting involved with the mafia and as we all know, that never ends well for anyone at all. There are threats, hostages and plenty of dirty sex. This particular title has 9 possible endings and 46 sex animations with 30 frames each.

That’s just a tiny sample of all the games this site offers. Looking at all the titles at Lessons of passion, its clear as day that the end goal is to have your balls drained and if you have any doubt about that, check all the titles in their archives!

Before proceeding further though, make sure your machine can handle all this naughtiness. To fully enjoy all these games, you must have the latest version of all browsers. You should also make sure that your system and browser are compatible with unity web GL and that you have enough space if you’re downloading because the files are large.

Lesson of Passion Gold membership costs

Good games, like good porn are worth paying for and Lesson of Passion is no different. I mentioned that accessing the games on this site comes at a price so I’ll break that price down for you. Its surprisingly affordable. Right now there are about 28 exclusive erotic games on Lesson of passion gold – with promises for more to be developed in the future.

To get your hands on these games, you’ll have to shell out a one time payment of $19.99 which gives you access to the lesson of passion blog and members area for 30 days. You get a 33% discount if you opt for the 3-month membership that costs $39.99 but for an even bigger discount, get the yearly membership. At $89.99, you save 62%. The latter is your best bet for getting the best return on investment on your money. By the way, if you’re one of those people who likes to take things month by month, you too can enjoy LessonofPassion – it’ll cost just $9.99 per month you remain enrolled.

You can pay discreetly and safely with epoch and ccbill which accept credit cards, paypal and even wire transfers. Best of all, they guarantee that your purchase won’t broadcast your love for XXX games to the world.

Perks of a Lessons of Passion membership

Besides getting access to exclusive premium games, a huge perk of grabbing a membership to this site is the fact that as a paid member, you not only get access to the free mini games two whole weeks ahead of everyone but you also get access to bonus materials that are reserved for members only.

Speaking of free games, you can find those in the lesson of passion blog. At last count, they had 41 free adult games posted on the blog. These freebies are a great way to test drive LOP gold and see if its a good fit for you. The blog is also a fantastic way to keep tabs on all the behind the scenes stuff happening on this site.

Mr.Porn Geek Approves

It’s clear to me that Lesson of Passion uses a fantastic engine to render all of the action and the animation is as pretty much close to life as it gets for porn games. You’re not going to see these games anywhere else but here – and that’s a good thing! I’m sold that this is a fantastic place for adult games: check it out!

Review Pros

  • Lots of games
  • Great 3D renders

Review Cons

  • Have to pay
  • No demos