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GamCore’s sex game collection

While many websites I’ve linked to here at Mr. Porn Geek will give you a direct game to check out, GamCore is different. This is a network of sorts, which means that you’re not going to be able to just enjoy one title – you’ll get access to a huge collection of them instead! The homepage appears to actually sort games based on their rating first and foremost, but if you utilize the links on the left-hand side, you’ll see that you can also manage what’s displayed based on release date, highest rating and a few other things. There are a few repeat games that I see across the list, so I think I’m going to check those out first before doing anything else.

Meet And Fuck Detective RPG

So the first game I’m looking at has over 4.4 million played games and is called Meet And Fuck Detective RPG – not the cleanest name, but with a 4-star rating from 21,000+ users, I’m cautiously optimistic that it might be enjoyable. Do note that you’ll need to enable Flash to play this particular game: a little dated, but I guess sometimes you’ve got to make sacrifices in order to enjoy great porn video games! When you finally do get into Meet And Fuck, you’ll be given the task of heading over to the United States to find a girl who some creepy rich guy has paid you to go and find. It’s a pretty perverted RPG if I’m honest with you, but the good news is that you can play it entirely with just one hand, so if you’re the type of person that is probably going to jerk off while playing this, it’s perfect for you.

It’s actually quite funny just how quickly you get make things X-rated in Meet And Fuck: the maid that talks to you in the very first scene is down to fuck immediately after if you play with her pussy just right. Call me crazy, but I’m not convinced if I was hiring a private detective to go and find my long lost daughter, I’d want to employ the dude that fucked my maid while I was at home. That’s some pretty ballsy stuff – he doesn’t seem to mind, though. Perhaps that’s just what this new world is all about: pounding submissive anime girls wherever you want.

Gamcore is An absolute unit

I mentioned at the start of this review that you’re not just getting one game here with GamCore, but a collection. The question is: how big is the collection? Well luckily for you, I’m quite a whizz kid when it comes to math. The homepage shows 30 games in row and then allows you to go through to another archive page with another 30 – this continues on for 108 pages, meaning that Gam Core has 3,240 adult games for you to play. I might be wrong, but this is likely the biggest collection on the Internet right now when it comes to XXX games – I mean really, can you do any better than that? These guys don’t mess around when it comes to quantity, that’s for sure!

Categorized games on Gamcore

You’ll probably notice along the left-hand side of the page, GamCore has a few tags that will allow you to better navigate to titles that are relevant to your interests. These include categories such as Asian, bondage, gambling, hentai and incest: whatever your perverted desires are when it comes to playing XXX games online, chances are that GamCore have you covered. The only criticism I have here is that it’s not possible to then sort these categories based on all of the previous metrics I mentioned before, such as popularity, rating and latest to be released. That’s one area where I can see GamCore really improving their service: let me find only the best of the best and nothing else!

The good, bad and ugly about Gamcore

So on the plus side here, we’ve got a network with a lot of games that you can play completely free of charge and that you don’t need to sign up in order to access. is easy to use, looks neat and even allows you to look through categories to find one of the titles most relevant to your interests. On the negative side, GamCore does utilize a few adverts in various places that can make the experience here less than pleasant. Hey, I’m no saint – Mr. Porn Geek has done this too on his own website – but I think it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

On the ugly side, I don’t like the fact that GamCore uses Flash for the majority of its games. I know that this isn’t something they can likely change without a massive overhaul of the engines and such, but we know Flash isn’t a good platform anymore and the sooner we get away from it, the better. Places like Nutaku have done a great job of showing that you don’t need Flash to operate a good porn game website: perhaps GamCore can learn a thing or two there. It’s not a completely terrible thing if I’m honest with you, but small improvements help make websites great instead of just good.

Mr. Porn Geek’s Conclusion on Gamcore

Look, I’ll be honest with you: I like want Gam Core brings to the table and because it’s free, you can’t complain all that much. That said, I’d really like to see these guys go ahead and implement a few things to improve the user experience. There are lots of options here which is obviously a good thing: I’d just like to see them really commit to ensuring that anyone who visits is getting the ultimate game platform. Mr. Porn Geek is a bit of a critic in this regard although I do believe I’m being quite fair. Decent titles overall: just needs a little polish to be considered fantastic.

Review Pros
  • Thousands of games
  • Easy to navigate
  • Free to use
Review Cons
  • Mainly Flash
  • No category sorting