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Checking out Foot Fetish Games

Let me guess: you’re the type of guy that loves nothing more than jerking off to video games devoted entirely to feet? Well if that’s the case, let me introduce you to Foot Fetish Games! Anyone who’s keen on toes, soles and arches is going to have an absolute field day thanks to the collection of porn games and XXX videos on this particular website. Mr. Porn Geek is about to actually venture inside for a full review, so if you’re keen to learn more, continue reading below and I’ll give you all of the details you need to make an informed decision on whether or not this is the right place for you. I think you’re going to love what I’ve got to say – so let’s get into it, shall we?

My first impression of Foot Fetish Games

What I found quite interesting from the get go is just the size of this place – it’s massive! Most membership websites only give you a little bit of adult entertainment in exchange for your cash but not this hub: they’ve got the idea of giving people a good bang for their buck down to a science. The first page you come across after signing up shows you the latest games added to the member’s area and they’re numerous to say the very least. I actually went ahead and counted up how many releases are on Foot Fetish Games – there are over 400 playable titles here, which is absolutely incredible if you ask me: what a collection! They also have some other areas on the site with great content, but I’ll cover those a bit later on in the review.

Parody titles at Foot Fetish Games

When you’re joining a website, you want something unique – which is why I’m a big fan of what Foot Fetish Games has done on the production side of things. You’ll see some great names of games here, including the likes of Grand Fuck Auto, Call Of Booty and Gotham Sluts to name but a few. The designers seem to have as much artistic license as they want – if they’ve got an idea for a foot themed game, they’ll go ahead and create one at a moment’s notice. Foot Fetish Games also has a range of themes for their games too: a few hentai titles, dating simulators, puzzle games and first person shooters to boot. Whatever it is that you’re hoping to play, there’s a good chance that this particular website has something for you.

My game recommendations at Foot Fetish Games

Since we know what niche you’re after, let me give you my recommendations on the types of games you’ll want to be jerking off to at Foot Fetish Games. First up – Amazon Woman – this is great if you’re the type of guy who’s into violence and domination. BDSM is the big theme here and boy, do things get wild! Just prepare yourself for some all-girl bondage and sadism because that’s what the name of the game is (okay, the name is Amazon Woman, but still: you know what I mean). Alongside that, I highly recommend Hustletown, Summer Session and any of the Fuck Town releases – they’re fantastic. Oh and one final game to check out: Miami Feet – this is the one for guys who like real anime foot-focused smut.

Foot Fetish Games and its porn collection

I think I’ve spent long enough talking about the games here, so let me go ahead and mention something else that I think you’re going to love: the porn videos. Click on the header link to navigate over to the main streaming page and then click ‘all categories’ to find the ‘feet’ section: this is where the second major selling point of Foot Fetish Games comes into play! There are currently 200+ uploads in this section, all of which are completely free for you to watch and download if you so desire. Most of the uploads are hardcore one on one with footjobs, domination and the like, but there are also solo shoots and gangbangs if those are your thing. I actually quite like the range here and I’m so happy that all of the scenes are available in HD – fantastic to say the very least!

If you prefer a movie approach, click on the ‘Full Movies’ header link and you’ll be transported to a DVD archive that you can browse at your leisure. You’ll be able to jerk off to great foot-themed movies such as Bare Foot Maniacs, A Smoking Body And Fuckable Feet, Malibu Massage Parlor and Lesbians In The Wild. Note that the content here isn’t 100% focused on foot fetishism, so if you have any other niches of interest, chances are that this place will have the goods to put a big smile on your face.

The bonus sites at Foot Fetish Games

Just when you thought that enough was enough – Foot Fetish Games also gives you free bonus access to two websites: Premium Porn HD and XXX HD Vault. Both of these places have a combined collection of over 1,000+ foot-focused releases so in total, you’re just getting such a huge deal if you’re into sexy toes and footjob related entertainment. I think for any fan of this type of porn, the games and the video archives are just stellar – you’re never going to run out of great smut when you sign up to this website.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts on Foot Fetish Games

I think I’ve probably covered all of the major features of this website and yeah – I’m happy with what I came across. Foot Fetish Games is a good member’s only website with a decent collection of adult entertainment for you to jerk off to. The games are fun but the free bonus videos are just the icing on the cake. I can’t think of a single reason why you’d be disappointed about what’s on offer here, so definitely check out the tour and if the foot-themed teaser is enough to get you hungry for me, grab an account. Mr. Porn Geek endorses this website and thinks you’ll love it – so venture fourth and start jerking off to the best foot-focused porn gaming site out there!

Please note: The games on the website are not owned by MrPornGeek. To contact this website’s customer service, email [email protected] or call 877-283-5293.

Review Pros
  • Great porn games
  • Free foot fetish videos
  • Fast download speeds
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  • Some adverts
  • No forum