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Mr. Porn Geek visits Cumunista

Howdy: it’s Mr. Porn Geek and today, I’m going to be talking to everyone about a porn game platform I’ve recently come across. For the longest time, I’ve worked hard to write up reviews on the best destinations where you can go and really enjoy world-class interactive fucking. I think it’s quite obvious by now that I don’t waste my time with everything, especially since we’re all within reach of some truly magnificent adult gaming projects. So, will Cumunista be one of them? There’s only one way to find out: continue reading and I’ll give you my full thoughts on what Cumunista has to offer!

Signing up to Cumunista

One thing I always want to stress whenever joining platforms is just how complicated it actually is to create an account. With Cumunista, I’m pleased to see that they waste no time at all in giving you access to what you want, since all you need to provide is an email address, password and that’s pretty much it. Cumunista is also free for you to sign up for right now, which is pretty dope if you ask me – they’re in the business of giving people access to the goodies they desire and I cannot think of a single reason why anyone would be annoyed by that. Hell, you’ve probably realized yourself that a lot of the best games out there right now are free to play. CS:GO, Path of Exile, League and so on – you say a lot when you give people access to your game and don’t require them to pay in order to get it!

The member’s area at Cumunista

After you sign up to Cumunista, you’ll be able to log in and then explore the full collection of games that they have available. I must say that the variety and depth of the archive here is fantastic. They’ve got around 25 games at the time of writing this review and add a new one once every 3 months. Their flagship titles (5 of them) also receive new major expansions every so often, so that’s pretty cool if you’re someone who wants to play a game over and over for a long time. Often, you find that adult entertainment games are instant and then you’re done: the opposite appears to be the case at Cumunista. These dudes are more focused on developing long-form games that you get to enjoy time and time again.

Access at Cumunista

All of the games here are optimized for desktop, but you can actually play them on your mobiles too. They have rescaling technology that essentially gives you the ability to use any type of system to enjoy it too – regardless of how good the graphics are. Cumunista is built for browsers, so as long as you have Safari, Firefox or Chrome, you should be fine. Note that there is a downloadable launcher for Windows, but this is totally optional and essentially exists so that you’re able to access them offline. There is also the benefit of being able to play them at 4K via this method, but since so few people out there actually have 4K monitors, I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

Cumunista: the variety

Variety is the spice of life and I’m happy to report that Cumunista gives you a hell of a lot of options when it comes to the adult games that you’re able to play here. I feel like they’ve acted real quick to ensure that their games aren’t always the same: everything feels unique, especially in the artwork department. The stories are fantastic and some even have voice acting. Not entirely sure how they managed to find the budget for that, but it’s nice none the less. I played around 6 games in total over the course of 2 hours and while I would like to play more, I simply don’t think I’m able to justify it. I will give a lot of credit primarily to their dating simulators, which act as open-world solutions so that you’re able to train, learn and fuck whoever you want. Their main dating simulator, called Paradise Lust Island, is absolutely huge and really plays like something similar to Skyrim, only modern and focused on completely sexual quests.

The graphics at Cumunista

I’ve noticed in recent months and years that the graphical competitiveness of porn games has really gone through the roof, so it should come as no surprise that Cumunista is absolutely cleaning house in this regard. They’ve worked overtime to make sure these releases are as delicious as possible and I know for a fact that they’re going to continue being stellar because the closer the games came to the present date, the better they looked. Pay particular attention to the skin texture here – that’s how you know these dudes are committed to bringing you the best of the best.

In terms of interaction, Cumunista does give you a lot of control over the sex and that’s nice to see, although you can choose different difficulty settings with a lot of the titles if you feel like some of the micromanaging stuff is better left for the computer to figure out. This option is particularly attractive if you’re jerking off to the game and just want to be able to enjoy the graphics and whatever else. Mr. Porn Geek will never get tired of games that give you options – that’s what makes playing them so damn great!

Cumunista: any good?

You’ve probably worked out by now that Mr. Porn Geek is more than happy to recommend Cumunista, based purely on the fact that they’ve done a beautiful job of getting all of these terrific adult games together. The developers are good, the artists are great and the community is actively working together to input suggestions and even build a full game Wiki for every title. In short, I think that Cumunista is a place you ought to check out and at least sign up to for a chance to enjoy their free adult games. Mr. Porn Geek had an absolute blast here and he’s confident you will too. So, thanks a bunch for reading and please: come back any time you need me to recommend fresh spots. I’ll never get tired of writing these reviews so long as you read them!

Review Pros
  • Top quality graphics
  • Free to join
  • No internal adverts
Review Cons
  • No patch notes
  • English only