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MrPornGeek Reviews CDG Sex Games

For those who are heavily into board games and tabletop games already, the term CDG games are likely to already have meaning to you. For everyone else, CDG stands for card-driven games. Any game where you play a card or a set of cards to take your turn is a CDG style game. This can include games that most people already know and love, such as Texas Hold’em, poker, euchre, and numerous other similar games. Some games do get a little bit more complex, such as games where you build your own deck that can be used.

There is a large amount of flexibility when it comes to card games, mainly since there are many card games out there, like Magic of the Gathering, where there are hundreds or thousands of cards available for people to build their unique deck with. When it comes to games that also fit into the porn category, there are plenty of CDG XXX games for adults that can tickle your fancy and help you get off. Each of these games can have a unique style, though there are some games where people find themselves seeing similar themes. One of the most prominent types of CDG adult games is strip poker.

Strip Poker Games

Strip poker games are very popular for numerous reasons. First off, poker is a well-known game, to begin with, so it is easy to learn how to play adding the stripping element in. There is a decent amount of luck when it comes to winning strip poker adult games, just like there is in winning traditional poker games online. Many of these games, however, have creative mechanisms to increase the amount of pleasure a person can have within the game. Strip poker is a game where almost every character who is playing could end up naked.

Some online XXX games also add other elements as well, to increase the fun and make the games a little easier to masturbate to. One of the games that I played at CDG sex games had a secondary factor where even if a character lost, not only would they be fully naked, but they would also keep playing in the game. If they lost another two hands, it was time for them to masturbate. After losing a few more, in combination with the number of hands that other characters or you yourself lose, the game had characters that were getting off to other players also stripping in the game. This created a unique dynamic that was extremely fun and well presented.

Hentai CDG Games

The game I was talking about above was awesome for other reasons as well. One of these reasons was that many of the game’s characters were actually characters from anime porn comics, video games, movies, and more. They adopted the personality that you would expect of the actual mainstream characters if they were put into a strip poker situation. Some of the characters are more nervous, while others couldn’t wait to get fully nude and touch themselves for the other players in the game.

The characters were all drawn in hentai animations, making this one of many games on CDG porn games where you can find porn hentai characters that you’re either playing with or are on the cards in the game themselves. Hentai comes from Japan, and due to laws in the country, this type of pornography can be censored where the naughty bits are. Because of this, some game creators do choose to incorporate tentacles into the games on occasion. This is a fantastic way to cater to a unique fetish, while also avoiding some of the restrictions within the country.

Build Your Deck Adult Games

There are tons of other ways to play games, including games where you can build your own deck. The characters shown on the cards in the games are absolutely gorgeous, and some of these games even have occasional cut scenes where you can see the characters on the cards getting it on. I am talking babes with gorgeous tits who cannot help themselves whenever they see dick or pussy. Take the time to explore these games. They are good for interacting with the players, and these animated babes all have perfect measurements, perfect tits, and incredible personalities. You can find other characters that you are playing against are very playful as well, leaving us gamers a lot of pleasure. It is also easy to play these types of games with one hand, leaving your other hand open for you to give yourself a little bit of touch time.

CDG Porn Games Navigation

The search engine on the website could be a little bit better, but it is mostly that the titles of these games can be pretty unique and it is hard to describe all that is going on in the games that have been designed. With traditional porn movies, you can search for redhead, and a redhead will be in each and every porn video clip that comes up. Games tend to have multiple characters in them. This means that each game will generally feature a redheaded vixen that would love to get nude and rude. Either way, there are other fantastic ways to navigate the site and find exactly what you are looking for.

One of the easiest ways to do this is by using the category option on the website. The category option at CDG games includes a wide variety of small phrases, such as redhead, threesomes, hentai, BBW, and numerous others. If the game is listed in the category, you know there will at least be some of this type of interaction within the games, through the cards or the animations., Keep in mind that it might take you a small amount of time to get to the point where a redhead gives you a blowjob or a blonde slut takes it in the ass for your viewing enjoyment.

Negatives To CDG Sex Games

As with most sites, there are negatives to CDG games. The search engine is not as useful as it could be, though that is no fault of the website itself. They have no control over what people name their games, so we can’t hold this one against them. Some people prefer not to lose their credit card information online, but that CDG games you will need to for age verification purposes. The site does not charge you when first entering, but make sure to read the fine print on any website asking for your credit card information.

Final Notes On CDG Sex Games.

Most games are not CDG sex games, so this site gets a lot of bonus points for being creative and providing users with unique games they will enjoy.

Review Pros
  • Card-driven games
  • Online strip poker
  • Great game selection
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Only card-driven games