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Mr. Porn Geek goes farming

Howdy gang – it’s Mr. Porn Geek back with another review! Today, I’m looking at another Nutaku number that goes by the name of Booty Farm. I’ve written dozens of reviews in the last few months on Nutaku titles and they’ve all been great, so I’m expecting good things from this particular adult game. Still, I’m not going in thinking it’s going to be amazing: I wouldn’t be a very good reviewer if I did that. Anyhow, the premise for Booty Farm is that you’ve just inherited a farm from your uncle and it happens to be in a village with very few men (but lots of scantily-clad chicks who’re willing to put in work for cash). Sound like something you might be interested in? Then let’s take a look at the full gaming experience so I can tell you whether it’s worth getting hot and bothered over.

Initial gameplay experience

After hitting the ‘play now’ button, you’ll be taken through to the large embed version of Booty Farm with the additional choice of playing the game in full screen. A lot of the older Nutaku titles don’t stretch from corner to corner, but I’m pleased to say that Booty Farm does. Once the game kicks off, you’ll be talking to Mindy – she’s a ginger-haired, busty broad who wears next to nothing on the farm and greets you when you come to visit your new block of land. She’s not too impressed that you wanted to sell the land for a quick buck and soon manages to convince you to stick around. In her words, the city is full of studs but the farm town is mainly populated with sexy chicks and a few bozos. You take full advantage of the situation and decide that the country life is for you after all. Strange how a big set of tits on a pretty face can do that to a guy, eh?

Mindy soon starts sucking on your cock and then gets her tits out for you to gawp at – she suggests that you’ll be able to touch them if you continue to do a good job at the farm. Once the introduction is over, you’ll be given the opportunity to actually start gaming. Your first task is to send Stella on a truck order – it takes about a minute for her to be finished, but you can sample the ‘fast forward’ option to get an idea of how the extra features work if you choose to use them at a later date. After the job is done, Mindy introduces you to Stella and talks about how great her tits are – it’s nice to have a farmhand who can state the obvious!

Continuing on with the gaming experience

You’ll level up to 2 pretty soon after playing and then the fun really begins: Stella is constantly on hand to give you the information you need to make the right decisions with regard to the type of farm you’re running. Soon enough the corn will be rolling in and your storage facility will be filling up in no time. Note that a big element of the Booty Farm experience is time – you’ve got to wait a bit to get the results that you want. I suppose this is where the freemium model comes in: you can speed up Booty Farm if you want, but it’ll cost you a dollar or two to do so. What I will say is that I played Booty Farm for about 2 hours all-up and never had a single issue of needing to spend cash: it’s quite an involved title and not a money grab. Just a free game that you can donate to by buying various things if you so choose. Are Mindy’s tits worth it? Maybe – that’s for you to be the judge of at the end of the day!

Some deeper considerations for Booty Farm

I’ll be honest with you: the art style of Booty Farm doesn’t really strike me as being consistent with what I’ve seen from other Nutaku titles. It’s not my job to be a major critic here, but I think this is a little sub-par for their standards. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fine in comparison to a lot of other free game platforms out there, but Nutaku have such gorgeous games in their collection – this one feels like a bit of a letdown. When saying this, I mean the actual gameplay aspect: the artwork is great and the eventual fucking and sucking you earn from building a great farm is more than fap worthy, but if you’re looking for a polished gameplay experience, Booty Farm doesn’t deliver that.
I’d put good money on the idea that Booty Farm wasn’t actually produced by the guys at Nutaku: it may be a third-party game that they simply licensed or purchased the original company of. I’d even go so far as to say that it’s the least attractive adult game offered by Nutaku, and that’s saying something! I’ve reviewed pretty much their entire archive though, so this is to be expected that one of their offers won’t quite cut the mustard. Note that I still think the game is good, just not good by Nutaku standards, if that makes sense? I’m babbling here, let me just get back to the damn game review.

Discussion of the Booty Farm artwork

Overall, I like the art style of Booty Farm – it looks neat and tidy, plus fits in with modern depictions of cute girls from cartoons. When you click on the crude image of the chick on the left-hand side (the girl who looks like a half-chicken, half-human hybrid), you’ll be able to see all of the ladies that you’ve unlocked as well as a few extra features. The girls all have facts associated with them, such as their age, hobbies, heights, cup size, status of pubic hair and whether or not they’re into masturbation, anal sex or threesomes. These gradually become available as you progress, as do the photos associated with each chick and her story. It’s all a lot of fun and while it does take work to get the stuff uncovered, I think you’ll enjoy every last minute of the challenge. Booty Farm really goes above and beyond to make its hentai enjoyable and worth the hunt.

The other elements of Nutaku to consider

Note that a membership to this website is entirely free: you’re not required to buy any tokens in order to progress through the various levels and stages. In fact, Booty Farm is one of the more forgiving free to play games that I’ve come across. Just remember that the biggest thing you’ll have on your side is time: the more you’re willing to wait, the better the experience. It’s like an orgasm of sorts – don’t want to rush in when you can go nice and slow, right? I think I should also talk a little bit more about Nutaku and the games they have on offer.

If you check out my category for free adult games, you’ll notice that quite a few of them are from the folks at Nutaku. These games can all be played from the same account and signing up doesn’t cost you a penny. If you want my personal recommendation for other games worthy of giving a little attention to, Kamihime Project R was quite enjoyable, as was Crystal Maidens. Once you’ve signed up and signed in, head to the homepage for a list of all available titles – many of them even update with seasonal events and have patch notes to make the experience that much better. I’m not exaggerating when I say that Nutaku is probably one of the best lewd game design companies around: there’s a reason why everyone considers them to be the best of the best when it comes to this type of thing.

Final thoughts from Mr. Porn Geek

So on the whole, I think that Booty Farm is okay, but I wouldn’t be wrong for suggesting that you consider the entire Nutaku project together when signing up to this place. All of the games are freemium and for my money, the alternatives are slightly better than what Booty Farm has to offer. I’m a little disappointed in the overall design if I’m brutally honest and I guess it’s just as well that all of their other available titles set the bar so high in terms of gaming quality. So yeah – definitely take a look, but if you don’t think it’s so hot, remember that Mr. Porn Geek felt exactly the same way.

I like Nutaku and their games, I just think they have dozens of better options if this is your cup of tea. Try it yourself and if it’s not for you, consider other great Nutaku releases.

Review Pros
  • Free to play
  • Works from browser
Review Cons
  • Average gameplay
  • Better games on network