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Good morning, good afternoon, good evening, or good night… Who gives a fuck! No matter the time, Mr. Porn Geek is here to keep you entertained and give you the latest and greatest on the top-notch sites. I have had way too much coffee this morning, but I’m going to try to keep all of my sentences cohesive. This morning, I get to take a look at AdultGamesOn. It’s pretty obvious what the site is about, so let’s get to it. AdultGamesOn is a website that features adult games that tend to have a lot of nudity, sex, and adult themes. One of the things I love about the top games is the amount of interaction I can control.

The Main Page Functions Fine

The main page of AdultGamesOn has four different categories to it, 3D Adult Games, Android Games, 3D Comics, and Games. This is what the site features, though there is a lot more here that they don’t have a menu option for. I have to say that it looks like they have a fantastic amount of content. AdultGamesOn is pretty easy to navigate, and you can easily see which version of the game has just come out. The latest updates are featured on the homepage, and the website is cleanly put together. I am not sure about the pink and white coloring, and generally prefer a darker color which I consider easier on my eyes, but other than that, the website looks promising.

Fantastic Game Descriptions To Help Choose

The upper right corner of the website features a search option, which you have to click on. Click on the magnifying glass, type in what you are looking for, and a list of adult games come up. Each top porn-themed game has a solid amount of information on its description page. This can include information like the year the game came out, the version the game is on, the genre or genres included in the game, the platform or platforms the game works on, and whether or not there is censorship in the game. You can also see whether or not the game is available in your language.

Additionally, there are a few paragraphs about the theme of the game to help you choose whether or not you want to check out a game in more depth. Honestly, there is a lot more information here than I thought there would be. Many of these games offer a ton of freedom to explore worlds, which is fantastic. I also like how each new version explains what is new about it in this section of the website. Every game that I took a look at had pictures of some of the scenes in the game as well, which was nice.

Get A Patreon To Get Benefits

Downloads are available for free on the site, but if you support the site with their Patreon, you get some added bonuses. These include the top level of security available for AdultGamesOn, the fastest downloads available for AdultGamesOn, and the ability to read the main text on the site in multiple languages. These are some great benefits, but I did notice that regardless of the day you join, you are charged for the entire month. The added security is well worth it, and I also recommend for anybody who downloads anything on the Internet ever, that they have proper virus protection, malware protection, and use reputable sites like AdultGamesOn.

Tons Of Porn Genres Available

There are plenty of tags on the site, which help users organize films according to what they are looking for. Some of the tags include things like dreams, adventure, RPG, love, schoolgirl, and there are many others as well. If you are looking for porn games with action, you can find them using the tags. Looking for MILF games, there are tags for that too. There are a lot of things that you can search for, and a huge variety of games for adults can be found.

Easy To Navigate Adult Game Site

One of the things that makes AdultGamesOn so great is that it is incredibly easy to navigate. There are simply not a lot of confusing elements and features to the site, making it pretty straightforward. The menu in the upper right-hand corner of the site is used to select a few main categories. I preferred the search engine, to be honest. That said, if you are looking for 3D porn comics or 3D games, the menu can be a fantastic option. Other than that, you can search for games and spend some time browsing. I did not see any options to favorite games I was interested in, though that might be an option in the premium area of the site, I will spend some time looking.

Pretty Good Porn Game Blog

I was happy to notice, towards the bottom of the page, that there is a blog. I am a huge fan of sex and porn blogs, and this one had some fantastic colorful pics featuring nudity and mayhem. More importantly, the creators of the site take the time to review some of the games that come out. Some months just have one update or review, and others have up to three or four.

The Most Used Tags Section

Another feature I like about this site is a section that lets you know what the most used tags are. 3D adult games take up the first few spots, followed by big tits, check adult sites, favorite games, fetishes, free games, MILF, mind control, reviews, safe webpages, and many others. It is obvious by looking at this tags page that there are a ton of genres and a multitude of top XXX games on this website. It was easy to get taken in exploring this website for quite a while.

If you are looking for games that are not available on the website, there is a place where you can request games. I was a little bit surprised that they did not have a most popular tag for new porn games since it seems that they do get quite a few new adult games on the site regularly. In addition to 3D games, you can also find hentai games, porn comics, and more.

Slight Confusion About Premium Membership

So, I already mentioned the Patreon, but it seems that there is another way to get a premium membership to the site. I am not sure if these are two different things, but I was redirected to a third-party website for File Boom. Getting this upgrade to File Boom Premium increases your download speeds, allow simultaneous downloads, allows the download of larger files, and expands the length of time you can store your downloads in their cloud. All downloads go through FileBoom for the site, so this all makes sense.

My Final Thought On AdultGamesOn

Okay, it does look like they have an agreement with File Boom, and while it might take a while for the download to occur, you can get games that are larger than 500 MB downloaded for free. You can save time with a free upgrade if you want to. Downloads appear to be Zip Files if that has an impact on your life. I am pretty excited to try some of these games out, and I’m happy with everything I have seen on this site. AdultGamesOn is officially recommended by Mr. Porn Geek!

Review Pros
  • Games are Free
  • Clean user interface
  • Easy to navigate
Review Cons
  • Needs more games