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MrPornGeek Checks Out Adult Games

Howdy friends – Mr. Porn Geek here with a new and improved review on AdultSexGames! This is a revisit because I haven’t checked this project out in quite some time – while the original was great when I came here 3 years ago, I want to see how the old place has changed and to determine whether or not it’s still worth signing up for. As you know by now, I’m pretty much an expert when it comes to reviewing porn gaming hubs – so let’s get down to the dirty business and see what’s going on here, shall we? I can’t wait to really give Adult Games my professional analysis. Read down below for the full review.

The member’s area of Adult Games

It’s a real breeze to go from the tour here to actually having access to the games inside – incredibly quick and convenient. I’d say the whole process took me about 60 seconds from start to finish and yeah, I don’t think you can say fairer than that. Adult Games has updated their member’s area design since the last time we were here – now it’s looking absolutely delicious! You’ve got all of the navigation options you could ever want and the addition of a forums section, as well as a Discord server button if you want to talk shop with other horny gamers. I’m also pleased to announce that while back in the day, Adult Games had 25 titles, it has since expanded to 44. That’s right – there are now 44 different, exclusive, in-house developed porn gaming options for you here at Adult Sex Games. Suffice to say that I’m an incredibly happy reviewer! Not only are my favorites still here, but there are new editions and everything I played before has been patched and has new content!

Gaming at Adult Sex Games

The beauty of Adult Sex Games is the fact that you’re able to play all of the games here directly from the website. It’s always nice to have a good level of compatibility and yeah, AdultSexGames is currently running with additional launcher downloads if you want local storage instead of browser-based fapping. What’s impressive is the fact that the download servers were super speedy. I’m on a 150 Mb/s connection here and Adult Sex Games was able to completely cap out my connection – how awesome is that? It took literally minutes to get the full library and there’s even an offline version – just make sure you synchronize your saves next time you get Internet access! Honestly, I feel like what was already a great situation here on Adult Sex Games has just gotten better with time. I’m struggling to find things not to love here, which is rare for someone like me.

The graphical quality of Adult Games

How have the graphics been here on AdultSexGames? In my initial review I said they were good – now I think they’re great. They’ve released 2 games this month and they look absolutely incredible visually. I always loved how Adult Games rendered the skin in their titles. I know that sounds silly, but trust me – you’ll look at the tour and feel exactly the same way. It’s always nice to see a bit of evolution too, which was evidenced by the fact that games in the last 2 years here can be played in 4K resolution. Mr. Porn Geek doesn’t actually have a 4K monitor right now so I couldn’t check out what the result was, but based on what a few gamers said at the forums, the ultra HD option absolutely swings. This type of thing is important when, in 5 years’ time, everyone will be gaming on that resolution. Always think about the places that adapted early – that way you get more games to enjoy when you sign up!

Playing AdultSexGames for hours

I tend to keep control of myself when doing reviews – especially for gaming hubs. Sadly, I let myself go a little here … I ended up enjoying the delights of AdultSexGames for a total of 3 hours. That’s a long time for Mr. Porn Geek – but a horny gamer’s a horny gamer, right? I’m always excited to try new titles out and yeah, when it comes to gaming I’m pretty much a literal addict – not even kidding. Thankfully, I finally busted a nut and decided to come back to my review platform for the purposes of telling everyone how much fun I had playing the collection of titles at AdultSexGames. Make no mistake about it: I’m always going to give you the best possible information I can and yeah, telling you about my 3-hour love affair with this website is pretty much the best compliment any gaming hub could get.

My final thoughts on AdultSexGames

Look folks, I don’t want to tell you what to do, but I genuinely believe that if you’re a horny gamer who enjoys XXX gaming, it makes little sense not to try out AdultSexGames. You can sign up now completely free of charge and once inside, you’re going to feel amazed by the sheer quantity – and quality – of titles that they provide for you. As I said, I really did have a great time on my last visit to AdultSexGames, but things were taken up a notch with this visit. My advice is to head on over to the tour, have a butcher’s hook at what’s on offer and if you enjoy the teaser trailers and available titles, go ahead and grab a membership. You won’t regret this free adult gaming sex portal – that much I can guarantee!

Review Pros
  • Lots of games
  • Free to play
  • No downloads required
Review Cons
  • English only
  • More hentai games needed