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Checking out Adult-Sex-Games

The last few months have really been an eye-opener when it comes to my audience: you folks can’t seem to get enough of porn game websites and to be honest with you, I’m not going to stop reviewing these places any time soon if you all keep demanding I provide you with the best of the best when it comes to erotic video games! Anyhow, today I’m going to be reviewing a destination by the name of Adult Sex Games: I think you can probably figure out what they’re offering here just by the name, but let me talk about what the site has to offer so you can see why I think it’s such a great spot to go for XXX gaming action on the Internet! Below is the full review by yours truly: Mr. Porn Geek.

Beginning the Adult-Sex-Games adventure

What better way to kick off a review of a website than by looking at the homepage? My first impressions aren’t all that bad to be honest, although I will touch briefly on the age of the site – Adult Sex Games looks like it was created around 10 years ago based on the layout and color scheme! That’s not an issue for me though, since it fits with the vibe and aesthetic that most free porn game websites have these days. Anyway, alongside some useful header links, Adult Sex Games showcases a collection of playable titles in the center of your screen with some sub-page archives provided via pagination. It’s not the most glorious website on the Internet, but if it does the job, who cares?

Some useful site pages at Adult-Sex-Games

The bulk of this review is going to be looking at the games, but I do want to mention a couple of pages that you might want to check out to improve your experience here on Adult Sex Games. First up, the top rated section is where you’ll want to go for a look at the best of the best: this is entirely voted on and decided by users of the website, so you’re basically crowd-sourcing hot XXX games that are worth looking at. Adult Sex Games also has a mobile sex game area for those who play smutty titles on the go: they work in your browser, so there’s no need to download any shady apps to your phone. Finally, if you just want to see someone else playing the games, visit the video playback page where full-length uploads of people going through some of the games on the site are hosted. Okay, so now I’ve gone over the bulk of what’s offered aside from games here, let’s actually play some of what has to offer!

Slave Lord on Adult-Sex-Games

Since Slave Lord is the highest rated release on this particular website and has over 500,000 plays, I figured this would be a pretty decent place to begin my gaming adventure. Pro tip: be sure to hit the ‘full screen mode’ button at the top of the page if you want to blow this puppy up so you can enjoy every last pixel of pleasure! Slave Lord kicks off with a little text introduction but soon enough, you’ll be buying rags for your sex slave Ashera and training her in the fine art of submission. You’ll have two bars to fill on Ashera: here obedience level and her sexpertise level.

I recommend offering her some food and then when she won’t get on the floor to eat it, withhold the gruel before retiring to your throne to sleep for the night. Eventually, Ashera will do some work for you and then you’ll have some cash to buy equipment that will help you break this bitch down. She’s got a nice peachy pussy and ass that needs to be lashed and paddled – just make sure you play for long enough so you can make this sexy slut your very own piece of fuck meat. Obedience levels are the main thing to focus on: as you go higher, Ashera will perform more adventurous sexual favors and accept higher paying jobs.

I ended up playing Slave Lord for a good 30 minutes: it’s a fun game and you can get a decent amount of pleasure out of it so long as you use your mind. I liked how you don’t immediately get everything unlocked: you’ve got to work to make sure that the girl becomes your slave before you’re rewarded. Whoever said that good porn games had to be easy to play?

Dating Sims on Adult-Sex-Games

Plenty of you horny perverts really enjoy a good dating sim as well, right? I figured I’d mention a few that are on here so you can check them out if that’s all you’re interested in. First up, Synergismia is a college-based title where you’re doing your best to bang whatever you can. Sarah at the library becomes a reasonable target, although there’s a bit of an interaction you have with your sister that might make the ending turn out a little different to how you expected things to go. I’m not going to spoil this one for you folks – just go ahead and play this game yourself: it doesn’t take that long and the end result is more than worth it!

Elsewhere on the website, you’ve also got Dating Simulator Next to play through which is based in space and My Sex Date Megan: a game where some sexy broad who just found out her boyfriend was cheating on her gives you some time alone so that you can talk about stuff together. Sadly, there’s no category here on Adult Sex Games that actually holds all of the dating games: you’ll have to search manually in order to uncover them, as frustrating as that is. I think I’ve picked out the best ones in this little review section though, so take my advice and play those above the others: I think they’re real fun.

Adult-Sex-Games: my conclusion

Okay gang, Mr. Porn Geek has basically given you the low-down on Adult Sex Games and I think I’m going to leave my review there – this is a pretty busy place with a lot of titles to go through and I think you’re going to enjoy your time on the site if my experience is anything to go by. Since it’s completely free and all of the games are browser based, you can hardly go wrong with visiting this place and trying out the fun it has to offer. I’m not sure that they have the highest quality or most polished releases around, but as far as porn games go, this is a decent hub that I think you’re going to love. So how about it? Head on over to Adult Sex Games now and get gaming, buddy!

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