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I remember checking out 3DX Chat a while ago and man, does it feel weird to come back here and see the new engine! These guys recently updated to a much better version of the game so that anyone who wants to play is going to enjoy super high quality entertainment without having pixelated or buggy experiences. 3DX Chat is designed to be similar to second life, only its focus is on providing you with erotic game experiences. If you love to jerk it while you’re gaming, this is going to be the place for you. As far as I know, no other adult game has many users as 3DX Chat, which surely stands for something, right?

One recent development that blows other projects out of the water is the fact that users of 3DX Chat have the ability to use Virtual Reality devices when gaming. Oculus Rift is the main supported VR environment, but in future months and years, they may spread to other platform and allow people to play plenty of games using this incredible technology. Another great feature is the link between 3DX Chat and the VStroker – a Fleshlight that connects to the game and lets you experience that virtual pussy for real. Crazy days we live in, guys – this is adult gaming at its very best.

Review Pros

  • Great technology
  • High quality game

Review Cons

  • Need a good computer