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Even though it is one of the youngest porn niches, hentai porn has been steadily growing over the past decade and it has now become one of the most prolific porn genres across the globe. Mr. Porn Geek places a lot of his attention towards exploring new content and new porn destinations on the Web and it was only a matter of time before he ran into zzcartoon.com It’s a great hentai-based porn site and definitely deserves to be thoroughly reviewed by your trusted Mr. Porn Geek.

Zzcartoon.com: First impressions and content quality

Right from the main page, you can see that the people behind zzcartoon.com are not kidding around. It’s a well thought-off design with a quick access video grid taking up most of your attention. Seeing as how cartoon porn, in general, is a pretty wide niche, Mr. Porn Geek simply loves the quick category switcher just below the main menu line. This immediately takes you to where you would like to go and it also removes any unwanted videos from your main page, a feature great if you are not into furry or something even kinkier. The quality of videos, even if you don’t like some of them, is undeniable and it’s simply flawless. Even the older videos have been updated with new encoding, making them shiny and honestly, worth watching even if you are a newcomer to the genre. The first impressions of zzcartoon.com are great and the same goes for the content quality.

Features and functionality

Most of the modern porn sites offer a layout similar to zzcartoon.com, with a main navigational bar at the top of the page. But what Mr. Porn Geek immediately spotted is the Community button. It’s a great feature that allows registered members to share and exchange content and get in touch with other hentai enthusiasts. This is a feature that should be a thing for most porn sites, but somehow, only the really good ones have it. Each user can upload videos and images of their choosing and select the members to share them with, thus creating small circles of like-minded people. The other great feature, the one I used the most for the content review, is the top searches segment. It’s always good to know what searches are trending because those will lead to the best and the freshest content out there. The last thing that caught my eye was the performance meter on every video. On the bottom corner of the thumbnail for each video, there is performance indicator showing the percentage of likes the video got.

Zzcartoon.com verdict and final thoughts

Mr. Porn Geek is definitely excited about zzcartoon.com and recommends it with confidence. It’s an excellent platform that houses amazing hentai and cartoon porn, neatly organized and accessible for free. Combining great functionality and video quality, there is no doubt that this hentai site should be one of your frequently visited bookmarks. Make sure you check out the community section as well.

Review Pros
  • Amazing video content
  • Well-organized platform
  • Active community
Review Cons
  • Only animated content