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My Insights on XkeezMovies

The tagline under the logo reads Premium HD Porn Free so let’s take a look at see what we have here. The menu has a home button then HD Porn, Categories, Porn Studios, Pornstars, Section then a link to a different site. When the site first loads it says under the menu Todays Free Videos then there are ads and under that are some thumbnales to videos along with the running time for the video which is a nice feature to see. So I clicked on a video and some popups occured, closed them and upon playing the movie it said that I need to wait 21 seconds before skipping the ad. I waited and played the video of TeensLikeItBig with Athena Faris (These pipes are clean).

The video loads quickly and is very good HD quality although small in size. The good news is that you can click the botton on the bottom left of the video to make it go full screen and the quality is just as good. Skipping ahead further in the movie cause another popup but it did go further quickly without any loading or buffering. The text under the movie shows the date when it was added so thats great. It was actually added today.

Clicking on HD Porn loads up a page of 39 thumbnails for movies and if you look at the bottom it tells us that there are 287 pages. So thats quite a big of full length videos! 11,193 at the time of this review. Definitely enough to keep me busy for a very long time. When you go to categories you are presented with thumbnails of each category and how many videos are in each so that is a very good feature. There are 82 categories with thumbnails. They are also listed on the right side of the site in text format. When you click on Porn Studios there are 118 thumbnails with the name of the site and how many videos for each site that they have.

When you click Pornstars it loads up a page with each girl’s name and a thumbnail underneath but there is no mention of how many videos each girl has. When you click the girl’s thumbnail it does load up a page with a bio of her showing where they are from, where they were born and birthday along with weight, height and eye color and a description of her. Below that are thumbnails of each movie that the girl is in. I chose Alice March. She has fifteen movies available at the time of this review. There is also a button called Section but it appears to have the same or similar results as the Porn Studios button. The search feature works very well and quickly. I put in gangbangs and got some good and accurate results.

My favorite parts of XKeezMovies

There are definitely a lot of good things about this site. The main thing being that the videos are full length and free. Its very good that you can make the movies full screen without losing any quality. The bio of each pornstar is quite nice. Maybe you can send the girl a birthday greeting on her twitter or instagram after knowing what her birthday is. The videos are super high quality since they are pro movies from porn studios and not amateur style. I like the text categories on the right side of the main page. They tell you how many videos are in each category which is nice if you want to only check out a certain thing such as First Porn Scene.

Things I did not like of XKeezMovies

Really the only bad thing that I noticed was the popups but they were not overwhelming and if you have a popup blocker on the site would be a breeze to navigate and find some really good jerking material. You cannot download the movies but hey thats ok, the site is free and you can bookmark it to stream them anytime you want.

The Bottom Line about XKeezMovies

This is a very nice site. I was skeptial at first because the design just seems a big smaller than most sites these days but its no big deal because you can make the movies bigger by going full screen. With over 11,000 full length movies you will want to at least head over and check the site out, surely you will find some of your favorite porn sluts doing what they do best. The only bad thing are some popups and ads but not bad enough to recommend not coming to the site to have some good ole’ porn watching fun.

Final Thoughts about XKeezMovies

A well put together site that is very easy to navigate and get what you want to watch pretty quickly. Really nice features such as the bio for each pornstar, full length movies in HD quality, very detailed categories showing how many movies are in each section. A nice list of all of the porn sites where the movies are from in case you want to head over and check out the actual site itself. I have already bookmarked this site and suggest you do the same. Its worth your time to give it a look. Have some tissues ready, this is very nice jerkin’ material!

Review Pros
  • Free porn tube site
  • Full length videos
  • Detailed directories
Review Cons
  • Popups and Ads