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Mr. Porn Geek visits Top Nude Celebs

I’ve spent a lot of time this month looking at various sources of celebrity nude entertainment and I’ve yet to find any amazing, killer source that is worth putting at the #1 spot on my list. Still, I’ll continue to search until I uncover the type of place that I desire so much – maybe I’ll even come across it with today’s review! I’m going in blind for this one and it’s for a destination known as Top Nude Celebs: whether or not it delivers stellar XXX Hollywood material is anyone’s guess, but I’m going to find out for myself whether or not it has the goods to make your average celeb lover bust a nut. Continue reading and find out what Mr. Porn Geek found at Top Nude Celebs!

Initial impressions of Top Nude Celebs

So the first thing I want to mention before anything else is that when it comes to design and layout, Top Nude Celebs is one of the oldest and most dated places I’ve ever come across that still keeps itself active in the modern era. This place honestly looked like it was frozen in time over 15 years ago – very basic layout and incredibly difficult to get around without it being a major pain in the ass! I also want to mention that doesn’t currently allow people to connect via HTTPS, which means you’ll have to enjoy what they have to offer here completely unencrypted. This isn’t the end of the world, but Mr. Porn Geek has made a firm commitment to try and keep all of the websites he has on his platform SSL/TLS friendly. Okay, enough admin and nerd stuff: let’s get back to the actual website.

Looking at Top Nude Celebs’ homepage

The major content area that you’ll find here is a list of celebrity names and preview thumbnails of content that they’ve added to their archives recently. It looked as if dozens of new pieces of material were added in the last 24 hours which is absolutely amazing! When I tried to click on the various celebriries though, nothing happened – my browser just informed me that it blocked a popup. Slightly strange, but I decided to investigate and allow popups to appear. When clicking on them, I noticed that I got redirected to a different website altogether, called Nude Celebs Pics. Just what the hell is going on here and why am I being diverted to third-party locations for material? I scrolled down the page and everything started to make sense: doesn’t actually have its own galleries: it merely points you to third-party locations for the content that you want. This really sucks man, I was hoping that all of the material here would be local, but I guess not.

I think my biggest issue isn’t the fact that they don’t have locally stored content, it’s just that they don’t make that at all obvious while you’re looking through their archives. It should make a lot of sense immediately when you land on a page: not require you to go clicking around, disabling popups and that type of thing to get your hands on what it is you want. I can now start to see why they haven’t updated their design in a while: there’s no reason to!

Header links from Top Nude Celebs

In the header of Top Nude Celebs, you’ll encounter a number of links that’ll take you to various parts of the website. There are multiple categories here, including the likes of upskirts and pussy pictures. Mr. Porn Geek was pleased to see that there were so many sexy girls in the upskirt section, including the likes of Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, Jennifer Lopez, Elle Fanning and many more. A few of the preview thumbnails showed off the upskirt action, whereas others required you to click through in order to see it (again, hosted by another website).

If you’re just looking for a general list of all the updates that have been posted here, click on the all nude celeb galleries link – this will give you exactly that. Scrolling down this section, it’s obvious to me that while Top Nude Celebs doesn’t have anything stored locally, they sure do get a lot of submissions and sources of celebrity porn from third-party destinations. We’re talking dozens of daily submissions and some really top-tier names too when it comes to Hollywood. If you’ve got a thing for seeing the finest socialites, singers, actresses and so on getting nude, having sex and doing other erotic things, Top Nude Celebs can point you in the right direction.

The top celebrities at Top Nude Celebs

I noticed at the bottom of the full galleries page that Top Nude Celebs has a list of their most popular babes. Currently at rank one you’ve got Selena Gomez – while I’m okay with this, I just think she’s a bit too young right now and doesn’t slut it up as much as she may when she gets a little older. Second to her is Jennifer Lawrence: I think after the iCloud phishing scandal, everyone in the whole damn world wanted to see more X-rated material starring this babe. Finally, third place went to Miley Cyrus, who I’ve personally written an entire write up on because she’s so damn crazy when it comes to putting out celebrity nudes. Click here to see my Miley Cyrus nude photo collection!

My final thoughts on Top Nude Celebs

Okay, so as a final thought here: I don’t know whether or not I think this place is actually any good. Sure, it updates on a regular basis and probably has more linked-to content than anywhere else for celebrity porn, but the dated design, weird layout, lack of HTTPS and a few other things just turn me off a little. Ultimately, whether or not you make this a regular place for you to visit should come down to personal preference – I highly recommend taking a look at Top Nude Celebs and if you can handle the experience, head back every day for more great Hollywood lewdness.

Review Pros
  • Lots of content
  • Daily updates
  • Established platform
Review Cons
  • Ugly design
  • Non-HTTPS
  • Third-party hosting