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The work of Mr. Shadman

So here’s the deal – there’s a website by the name of Shadbase and for many, they’re not entirely sure what it’s supposed to be offering or why it’s so good. I want to talk a little about the works featured on, since I think they’re pretty stellar and perfect for people who like professional cartoon erotic entertainment. I highly encourage you to stick around – I’m going to take you on a journey that will have you wishing you weren’t so addicted to hot drawn pornography. Mr. Porn Geek has warned you ahead of time, so don’t be too angry when what I say about this place turns out to be true!

Who is Shadman?

So the person who runs Shadbase is a Swedish guy called Shaddai Prejean – he’s pretty popular online because the reality of this guy’s drawings is that he’s pretty much willing to cover any type of XXX imagery. That’s right – whether it’s a sexy shemale or a crazy, freaked out animal, Shadman’s down for the business of putting pen to paper and making fantastic images of cartoon goodness. Hell, Shadman’s such a big deal in the amateur drawn porn scene that his subreddit boasts an impressive 50,000+ subscribers. Those are crazy numbers and as far as I’m concerned, evidence enough that he’s the real deal when it comes to hentai and the like. He’s also somewhat infamous for his edgy attitude and character choices: people love to hate him!

What’s the big taboo about this dude?

For the readers who come from countries with limits on access to simulated underage content (such as Australia), you don’t want to visit Shadman’s website since some of the posts he has there are illegal. Lolicon is a controversial niche in the online porn world – are depictions of children fair game for hentai artists? I don’t want to get bogged down into a discussion about ethics and morality here, but to say that Shadman doesn’t push the envelope would be a lie. He’s been known to create erotic cartoons of underage girls who exist in real life and for many, that crosses a line that they don’t like. Again: not for me to judge, but I just want to let you know why gets such a reaction out of lots of people.

The website experience itself

Okay, so that’s a lot of meta-text there about Shadbase: how about we head on over to the homepage for a goosey gander at what’s going on? The first thing you’ll notice is that at the top of the page, he’s got a disclaimer which states ‘all characters drawn by Shadman are 18 or older, even if specified otherwise’ – see what I mean about this guy being a handful? Anyway, as is standard for blogs, the most recent content created by Shadman is shown from the get go – he’s even got an embed for his Twitch streams where he works on his art. That to me is the craziest thing: I can’t believe he hasn’t been banned from their platform yet!

The header links

Running along the top of the site, you’ve got links to the entire website archive, non-porn entries, subscription options, videos, forums and a place to shop for Shadbase merchandise. Kicking off first with the Shadbase archive, you’ll find various links connected with images that take you to all of the posts he has, those featuring comics, pinups and additional animations. I think it’s fair to say that one of the biggest draw cards for is its collection of ‘traps’, which are basically sexy girls that happen to have a penis. Mr. Porn Geek has never been ‘trapped’ before, but if I took a transsexual home and saw a top quality feminine penis nested between a set of flawless thighs, you better believe I’m not going to have any regrets fucking that butthole all night long! Sorry, I went a little off topic there: back to the cartoon porn.

More site exploration

You’ll notice that way down the bottom of Shadman’s traps archive is the first upload, which occurred back in November of 2011. That’s a decent chunk of time and honestly, anyone who’s stuck around with a porn website for over 8 years (with constant updates) deserves respect. I suppose at this point in time you’d probably hit the about link to see just what on Earth Shadbase is all about. This may change over time, but the current status of the page is very weird to say the least. It’s just got this weird image and a little poem – I don’t know what quite to make of it, but I’ve included a screenshot if you want to know what I’m getting at. Like I say, Shadman’s a unique character who doesn’t play by the rules: that’s why some people just can’t get enough of his work.

Shadman’s video shenanigans

While not technically a part of the website, it’s probably a smart decision to mention Shadman’s header link which takes you to his videos, all of which are hosted on YouTube. It’s been 9 months since his last upload, but you can go back and see the progression of his artworks and how he makes each character look the way it does. For aspiring hentai artists, this is two literal types of porn – a perfect combination if you ask me! I recommend looking at his D.Va from Overwatch upload: the final product will have you shooting ropes (and that’s a Mr. Porn Geek guarantee).

Just how good is Shadman’s rule 34 stuff?

I don’t like to give praise where it’s not valid, but honestly – Shadman has a crazy amount of skill when it comes to creating fantastic art. He wouldn’t be anywhere near as popular as he is today if the talent wasn’t there: this man knows his craft and is basically a master of the genre. I mean, how many other singular hentai artists have 50,000 Reddit subscribers? It’s remarkable just how good this dude is and I don’t say that lightly. Want an example of his perfect renditions of lovable characters? How about this one of Pocahontas, aptly dubbed Pocahontass. Just look at the booty on this incredible babe: I wouldn’t last more than a few seconds inside any one of those holes! Perfect asses are a rare but incredible thing, so I have no doubt plenty of Mr. Porn Geek fans will be jerking their meat to that picture in the next hour or so.

I’d also like to point out the section Shabase has for lesbian content. Known as yuri in the hentai scene, he features a lot of characters from series that you’ve probably known and loved. My personal recommendations for posts might not be much to go by, but I would certainly be enjoying the likes of this one, this one and this one to get the ball rolling. I’m a man of simple pleasures to be honest: give me the opportunity to see a sexy pair of lesbian characters from a cartoon and I’m going to be more than satisfied.

The downsides of Shadbase

Now then, let’s talk a little bit about what’s negative on this website, since it’s not all peaches and cream. My first major criticism is the fact that Shadbase does not have an SSL/TLS certificate: this means that your traffic to and from the website are not encrypted. Usually this isn’t a problem for destinations that don’t require the exchange of sensitive data, but because the porn here can be viewed unfavorably by some, I think a more secure collection is the way to go. I try not to get too bogged down in technical stuff for my reviews, since almost all of you just care about whether or not you can shoot a load to the images – but this stuff is quite important.

Secondly, because Shadbase is the work of a single person, it’s rather more focused on quality as opposed to quantity. That’s not an issue if you like the art style, but for those who aren’t too keen on it, you might struggle to find stuff that you enjoy enough to stick around. Personal preference here is a major focus: the previews I’ve linked will likely give you an idea of whether or not you’ll have fun keeping Shadbase in mind for drawn cartoon pornography and hentai.

Mr. Porn Geek’s final thoughts

I think I’ve covered enough on Shadbase to give you a pretty good picture of what the blog is about, who this dude is and what type of hentai you’ll get your greasy mitts on if you visit. I’m actually not the guy’s biggest fan, but I can say with confidence that his ability to create incredible manga porn is beyond anything I’ve seen before. Well worth taking a look at if you enjoy the style, bookmark his page or subscribe to his subreddit. As always, thanks for tuning in and reading yet another quality hentai porn review by Mr. Porn Geek!

Review Pros
  • Great artwork
  • Years of experience
  • Free hentai
Review Cons
  • Controversial figure
  • Website not encrypted