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The problem with most free sites is that they are just too popular. When they have thousands of daily users, a lot of porn gets uploaded. You may think this is good, and it is to an extent, but it is also awful. When you have thousands of videos being uploaded a day, there is a lot of shit to sort through. This ain’t fun if you are just in the mood for a quick wank. does not have this issue. Couple of hundred videos added a week, but all of it seems to be good. Nothing on the terrible side of things. All of it is neatly sorted too, so you can avoid all that crud that a porn site normally brings to the table, so this is great.

If you want just videos, tap that tab and you’ll be swimming in so much amateur porn that you won’t know where to start. For your convenience, the newest videos on are listed first and then all the other  videos follow below. There are 176 pages of videos to enjoy and you can sort through them by latest, most viewed, top rated, longest and so on. The one thing you have to watch out for here are all the links stacked in between the rows of videos. At first glance, they seem like they’re part of the video collection but they’re not. They’re links to outside sites.

No porn site is complete without some pictures and SeeMyPorn is no different. It has a fantastic collection of some pretty hot amateur pictures and as with the vids, the newest photo additions get top billing and everything else comes underneath it. I counted just 46 pages of pictures and noticed that most are close ups of pussies or dicks going into pussies. Basically, typical amateur stuff. If you like a set a lot, you can add it to your favorites or even up vote it and if you’re not feeling a particular set, you can down vote it if you want. All the photo sets are tagged and they come with descriptions.

Categories are common place in porn so yes, SeeMyPorn has them too.You’ll find them wedged in between the photos and community tabs. This is my suggested go-to tab if you’re in a hurry and already know what your porn preference is.

The shit that’ll turn you off about SeeMyPorn

Obviously, the downside is that there may not be as many porn videos as you are normally used to. This means that you may miss out on the stuff that other free sites have. But in cases like this, quality always wins out over quality. I’d rather have a few quality homemade porn videos than a bunch of low quality crap.

There is also the downside of there being a lot of ads on, but by all accounts they will be announcing a premium subscription in the future to help you avoid these ads. This means that you are not going to need to worry about that too much anyway.

The bottom line is…

In my opinion, the pros of the site certainly outweigh the cons. The aggressive ads are annoying but not irritating enough to stop me from visiting this site daily. It has a really impressive stash of amateur porn videos and pictures that I’m confident you’ll enjoy. Check out if you are after some awesome porn (isn’t everybody?)

Review Pros
  • Good Archive of videos
  • Hot porn content
  • Lots of Amateur vids
Review Cons
  • Navigation could be better