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PornDroids porn review

You want porn? Well how about PornDroids! It’s a tube site that’s got what you need and you’re just a click away from all of the videos. So what might make you pick PornDroids as the destination of choice for adult videos?

To be honest, there’s nothing here that is particularly amazing, except for the fact that you’re going to be busting a nut over some pretty epic sex scenes. The scenes here are scorching hot, pure fire just waiting to light up your screen and get you across the finish line. That’s not an exaggeration other. This is one of the most solid porn collections I’ve ever come across – and I watch a lot of porn (for review purposes!) so that’s saying something.

Navigation and tools

On the home page, you’ll find links to the newest scenes, Top Pornstars, latest videos and of course, categories so you can see anal, blowjob, MILF and teen videos without batting an eyelid.

The first thing that’ll jump out at you as you check out the teaser thumbnails is the fact that all the sluts look awfully familiar. Why is that? Because all of the girls featured on Porndroids are professional fuckers. The suck and ride dicks for a living and you’ve probably seen them on your favorite porn sites doing their thing.

The best way to figure out exactly which pornstars have scenes on www. is by visiting the pornstar directory. The female performers are listed by rank here but you can chose to browse through the model index alphabetically. In case you’re curious, Sunny Leone is the most popular star on this tube and fan favorites like Priya Rai, Lisa Ann and Aletta Ocean are in the top 15.

You also have a search box at your disposal if you’d rather go that route but you’re probably better off either sorting the videos by categories, tags or channels. With just over 43,000 videos in the archive here, you need all the filtering tools you can use and Porndroid makes sure you have them.

The best of PornDroid

What else does PornDroid give you plenty of? The one thing you’re here for : porn. Lots and lots of it. If there is one thing this tube does well, its pumping out really good hardcore porn videos. The videos are dated so its very easy to tell that new videos are added almost daily. So that’s two reasons to love Porndroid right there.

Another thing that deserves a mention is just how neatly organized the site is. It utilizes a simple layout and sexy thumbnails to seduce your eye balls. Also, unlike certain porn tubes, the ads here are bearable and not overly aggressive – that’s always a good thing. Want to browse through the site in anything but English? No problem – you’ve got 8 other options to choose from.

The best part though? All this porn is yours to enjoy free of charge. You read that right, you never ever have to pay a single penny for any of the porn here! And these aren’t just short clips we’re talking about because Porndroids has videos that span in length from 4 minutes to 56 minutes. Those almost hour-long videos aren’t a fluke either! The average length of the videos here is about 33 minutes and its all free, no pay wall here, no censoring of the action, no withholding of the money shot until you produce your credit card. Just click on any video you want and enjoy.

The worst of

The good news is that there are some high def videos in the collection at Porndroid. Sadly, it doesn’t seem as if tells you which scenes it has that are HD, but rest assured the quality here is pretty good. If you like your porn served up in HD, suit up and go digging because they definitely don’t make it easy to find those particular videos.

Another huge negative about this tube is the fact that it has few amateur scenes but that topic deserves an entire section dedicated to it so here it goes.

Amateur Vs. Professional

In terms of amateur material, I’m not really sure if there’s any – this is definitely a place for guys that want to see girls who fuck for a living getting down to business. Priority here is given to professional performers – they’re the ones on the home page and its their faces and bodies that get all the prime real estate on this tube.

It almost feels like amateurs are left out in the cold here. I looked at the category list and the amateur category is buried deep in the middle of all the other categories so that tells you that its not really what they’re focusing on here. The good news though is that this particular category has an astounding 5,622 videos that feature babes and couples who actually look like they’re the real deal – real amateurs fucking in every day locations like their messy bedrooms.

Mr. Porn Geek approves

What it comes down to is that Porndroid delivers where it matters. You want porn? They’ve got it. You like your porn videos long? You can check that off your list. They even have short videos if that’s what you prefer. All the videos are yours to enjoy for free and they’re very mobile-friendly too. There’s nothing not to like about this particular tube because it promises free porn videos and gives you exactly that! If you haven’t already checked it out, now is a great time to do so!

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  • It's free
  • Clean and simple
  • Hot porn
  • Mobile friendly
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