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Are you sick and tired of porn videos not being appealing to you? Do you wish there was a good place to find genuine amateur action but wasn’t delivered in a short, low-quality format? Luckily for you, Mr. Porn Geek has the ultimate solution! It goes by the name Lustery and by all accounts, it’s a homemade porn paradise that seeks to showcase the sex lives of average people who engage in real intimacy with their partners for everyone to see. An interesting idea and I’m about to sign into the member’s area to tell you more – continue reading below and I’ll give you a full overview of Lustery and what it’s got to offer!

Lustery Review

The first thing I did after signing into Lustery was head on over to the videos section – I was pleased to see that this site is focused on a range of different couples from all over the world that don’t just stick to one type of sex. For instance, the latest upload was a lesbian shoot between two sexy plus-size babes, whereas the one before that starred a sexy punk-rock chick getting railed outside by a flowing river. There’s even a category dropdown which allows you to pick from: home sex, outdoors, kink and quickie videos. You can then further sort scenes based on upload date, number of views and popularity.

Lustery’s videos are recorded by the couples themselves and can be streamed in a variety of different resolutions, ranging from 160p all the way up to 1080p. It does appear that streaming is the only option available here – I found no ability to download content directly to my PC, which I’d like to see offered in future! There are lots of tags for each upload including the likes of tattoos, spanking, foot fetish, and fisting.

One interesting concept that Lustery utilizes is to explore the relationships between the couples with a little biography and further detailed information about how they engage with one another sexually. Some couples had such a good time on the first occasion they shot porn for Lustery that they then went ahead to record more content that was uploaded to the site. Videos often kick off with a chat to the camera before they get down to business and this is a great little extra that makes the sex feel that much more amateur. You also get some images from the pairings that are the type of thing you’d expect to see on Facebook or Instagram – very homey and candid.

Other extras at Lustery include a blog devoted to teaching you about anal sex, the right way to do spanking and some pointers on upping your nude selfie game. I was actually quite impressed with the writing style and content offered here at Lustery – the person behind the keyboard really knows how to publish some useful information! Oh and this should really go without saying: if you’re looking to appear in a porn video yourself, you can get in touch with Lustery and read their submission guide on how to get yourself involved with the content side of things.

Lustery Bonus Content

Lustery does not offer bonus content in terms of access to multiple sites but that doesn’t mean that this porn platform isn’t worth your time. The unique idea around this porn site is that there are real genuine couples and partnerships getting together and making some amazing amateur porn! Also, as an extra Lustery offers members access to a well-informed blog.

Lustery Discounts

Lustery offers several different options for membership. You can even start with the free membership and browse what’s included on the site and go from there. The free membership is, however, limited, and doesn’t offer you much of a show in terms of sex videos between partners. To sign up for any account on the site, you must provide your user name, password, and valid email address.

When it comes to your membership, you have three options that allow you for total access to the website and its sexy material. If you want to play it safe and experience the site for a month, you will be charged $25. This is a good idea if you are not 100 percent sure you’re able to commit to a longer period of time but you are interested in learning what Lustery has to over its members.

Yet, if you do know that Lustery is your choice of pleasure, then obtaining a membership that is active for a longer amount of time may be ideal and overall cheaper! If you purchase a 3-month membership, you will pay roughly 15 dollars a month in one recurring payment. That already saves you $10 per month. The best option for your wallet is to go for the year membership, that will only cost you $8 per month. Your payment will be processed one time for the year and it will automatically be set to recur every year. So that’s a $96 dollar payment for the entire year of full access to the Lustery website.

A great thing about membership at Lustery is that you can cancel at any point and there are no strings attached or fees associated. Also, there are many ways to make a payment for membership. You can pay via PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, Diners Club, JCB, and more.

The Best of Lustery

There is so much about Lustery that is truly unique and special. If you’re looking for genuine and real people making sex videos over the web and submitting it to the Lustery portal, you will be happy here. You even have opportunities to upload your own videos should you so desire. The consistent updates and great amateur content make the porn site worth checking out. You can never go wrong watching any of the 1080p HD videos and the categories give you a sense of what you’re in store while making your selection.

Lustery has four major categories to break down your search and narrow your findings. You can choose from outdoors, quickie, home sex, or kink. There are also a bunch of tags to get even more specific when it comes to video selection. Lustery prides itself by having only real connections occur in amateur porn. There are never any scripts and faking is never happening on video.

The Worst of Lustery

The one thing that is unfortunate about Lustery is that there is currently no downloading features available. This may be something that changes in the future at least I am hoping so.

The Bottom Line About Lustery

In a world dominated by porn that isn’t of the amateur variety, I think it goes without saying that destinations such as this are a big plus for people that are disillusioned with standard adult entertainment. There’s a raw and erotic vibe about Lustery that’s hard to get away from it’s nice to see people who actually love one another fucking – especially since it’s available in full 1080p HD! I can’t think of too many things to complain about here, so I’m just going to go ahead right now and recommend that you at least check out the tour if you’re on the hunt for genuine amateur porn. I think that’s the best way to think about Lustery: it’s the real deal and about as homemade as smut can get! Go visit Lustery now and satisfy your desire to see real couples having real sex.

Review Pros
  • Updates regularly
  • Great amateur content
  • 1080p HD videos
Review Cons
  • No downloads available
  • No bonus sites