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LoL Hentai – Mr. Porn Geek’s review

You guys probably won’t believe me, but I’m actually really fucking good at League of Legends. Like, I’ve been Challenger on 4 different accounts and am currently sitting D2 this season (haven’t had much time to play). I even run a YouTube channel with a few thousand subscribers that I publish my jungle theory stuff on – Mr. Porn Geek kicks ass when it comes to slaying neutral creeps. This naturally means that when it comes to finding great sites for League of Legends hentai, few do it better than me. So, let me introduce you to!

Homepage of LoL Hentai

What I most like about this website is that the homepage is absolutely fantastic. It looks like one of those standard LoL websites you’d use – dark theme with all of the champions displayed in a block-style format. It’s sorted alphabetically and only focuses on the ladies, but you can scroll down to the male category if you’d like to see Pantheon, Renekton and Braum. You’ll find the usual suspects with the highest amount of content – Ahri’s sitting strong at 1,600 images, Sona clocks some 900+ submissions and Katarina has a respectable collection of 650 or so pictures. Don’t worry if you’re a sick fuck though: Annie, Anivia, Lulu and Illaoi also have their own categories on the website.

What LoL Hentai’s content is like

So basically, all of the content here seems to come from rule 34 websites where amateur artists draw their favorite characters in an X-rated fashion. This means that more popular champions (and those that have a higher sex appeal) get a more thorough focus. Some of the action here is actually great, but I can’t possibly talk about all of the smut on LoL Hentai in good faith: it’s from dozens of different artists with their own flavor and spin on hentai! Overall though: great stuff, and probably the best place to go these days if you’re looking for hentai starring your favorite League of Legends champion.

Review Pros

  • All champions available
  • Updates regularly
  • Free hentai

Review Cons

  • No videos
  • Not HTTPS
  • Some adverts