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From time to time, Mr. Porn Geek comes across tube websites that have weird names, many of which aren’t adult related. This one probably takes the cake for me though – just what on Earth were they thinking when they decided to pick ‘Lobster Tube’ as the site title? Maybe this place first started off as a Jordan Peterson endorsed hub for all things lobster, but let me tell you this – you won’t find a single crustacean anywhere on the site nowadays. This naturally begs the question though – what will you find? Continue reading below if you’d like to know more about Lobster Tube and why I think it’s a great hub for smut.

The homepage of Lobster Tube

So to kick things off, we’ll look at the homepage of Lobster Tube. Instead of showing videos from the get go, you’ll instead find a collection of categories that are the most popular on the site. We’re talking classics such as homemade porn, massage sex videos, anal, stockings, gangbang, BDSM and yoga to name but a few. One thing I will say is that you shouldn’t trust the preview images as sometimes, they’re not at all relevant to the actual content that’s available. I’m not too sure what that’s all about, but it’s hardly the end of the world, so I’ll let it slide (just this once, mind).

You’ve also got a huge listing of categories on the left-hand side that is much more specific. I really do mean that too – they’ve got tags here that include adorable Japanese, airplane, Italian anal sex, jeans, oral creampie and spring break to name but a few. You can also click on the ‘new videos’ and ‘most popular uploads’ links if you want to use those filters: I think they’re quite useful. I should mention at this point that Lobster Tube claims to have over 35 million searchable videos: that’s quite a lot! The ‘most popular’ scenes are almost all professional and come from professional studios, such as My Friend’s Hot Mom, Filthy Family, VR Bangers, Team Skeet and Female Bogus Taxi.

A closer look at what the content is

I think it’s important to point out at this moment in time that Lobster Tube is made up of content from third-party sources and doesn’t host anything locally itself. This isn’t a problem per se, but I do know that plenty of folks will want to know that it’s essentially a search engine for smut you can get from other destinations. What sites are archived here? There are dozens, but a few of the more well-known ones are PornHub, Extreme Tube, Viki Porn, Dr Tuber and Porn Hat. In essence, Lobster Tube acts as a curation tool so that all of these places are banded together. Let me talk to you a little bit about the benefits of sites like this – I think they serve some individuals real damn well.

Imagine for a second that you’re into something that’s particularly niche or difficult to find: most tubes are going to struggle to give you enough clips that you’ll find relevant to your interests. That’s where Lobster Tube comes in: archiving content from hundreds of hubs means that you’re pretty much guaranteed to get the smut you want (or that whatever it is you’re looking for simply doesn’t exist). An example of this is the sunbathing videos section on Lobster Tube: there are more than 4,000 videos in this section and boy, are some of them top-tier! You’d struggle to get that type of content collection on any single tube, so the fact that Lobster Tube has them all conveniently packaged together is of clear benefit to people who like more niche entertainment.

The extra features on Lobster Tube

What’s quite neat is that after picking a niche that you have an interest in, you’ve got a bunch of filtering options to really hone in on whatever it is that you’re after. This can be really important too, since some categories are huge! Lobster Tube’s Asian section boasts more than 2.7 million archived scenes: that’s a hell of a lot of Oriental pleasure! At the top of the page you can sort scenes based on popularity, upload date and scene duration, alongside advanced filtering for things such as duration and quality. One final option is the ability to pick and choose which sources you want to utilize – this lets you select from a variety of websites and only see content from those that you’re interested in. All in all, Lobster Tube seems to know how to provide you with the XXX videos you want without any of the bullshit attached.

Check out the new videos

If you’re someone who loves fresh smut then be sure to visit Lobster Tube’s latest uploads page: this is perfect for anyone who’s only hunting newer material. It seems as if all sites are checked at least once an hour as there were thousands of flicks added in the last 60 minutes: not bad if you ask me! You can also choose to only see HD videos if you’re not about that low quality life. Do note that some of the websites don’t seem to update all that often – one example is Fly FLV, which hasn’t released a new video in the last 5 months. I guess you could also use Lobster Tube purely to find free XXX streaming services that are regular with their smut.

Alternative flavors are covered

I know that there are plenty of Mr. Porn Geek fans out there who not only enjoy standard straight pornography but also like to delve into the realm of man-to-man action. Prefer your smut to be 100% cock focused? Don’t worry because Lobster Tube has you covered! Hit the ‘gay’ button next to the search bar at the top of the page and you’ll instantly be taken to a library where men are the name of the game. They’ve also got a shemale section if transsexual pornography is more your cup of tea. To be honest, I’m starting to struggle when it comes to thinking of a particular type of porn user that wouldn’t find Lobster Tube useful – they’ve thought of pretty much everything when it comes to their indexing service!

Clarification on third-party sources

While some websites that utilize other tube sites for content (such as Thumbzilla’s usage of PornHub clips) will embed the material for your convenience, I do want to make it clear that when clicking on a thumbnail to head on over to actual footage here on Lobster Tube, you’ll go to the original website it was taken from. They don’t seem to like embedding so yeah – I hope you’re okay with the idea of jumping around a few different hubs if you select multiple clips. My only real problem with this is that some tube sites have a lot of ugly adverts and spam: be careful what you click on, because Mr. Porn Geek hasn’t independently verified all of the destinations that LobsterTube.com sources its smut from.

My opinion on the downsides

I don’t think it would be fair for me to describe myself as a critic if I didn’t actually have some criticism, right? No porn website is without its shortfalls, so I do want to devote a few sentences to talking about what Lobster Tube could do better. First off, I think it would be great to exclude certain tube sites that you don’t want to see instead of include the ones you do want to see – a few of the sources aren’t so great, so never having to see them again would be a welcome feature. I know it’s only a small thing and 99% of people won’t be effected by it, but I think my point still stands.

I’m also of the opinion that embeds, where possible, would be a fantastic addition. Lots of websites allow you to do it, so why not give me the option to watch content locally? Sometimes you can get lost in your sea of porn and so keeping smut to one central spot is a massive selling point. I’d also like to see certain categories removed or just merged with others. Does ’19 year old’ really need its own group? Put it into the teen or 18 year old category! No one is going to complain when they’ve got their dick in their hand.

My Lobster Tube conclusion

So to wrap things up here, I think that Lobster Tube is a great platform and has a bunch of categories that are perfect for folks who enjoy top-tier XXX action. With millions of videos in their library and some great filtering options, it’s obvious to me why so many people call this place their home for porn. Certainly take a look and try out the features – I have no doubt that you’ll find Lobster Tube useful no matter what type of porn you’re hoping to get your hands on. As always – thanks for reading Mr. Porn Geek’s world-famous smut reviews. Spending a few hours of my life looking over LobsterTube.com was an absolute pleasure!

Review Pros
  • Millions of videos
  • HD filter
  • Lots of categories
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  • Third-party sourcing
  • No pornstar pages