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Mr. Porn Geek is back with another in-depth review. And this time, it’s something you guys probably never heard of. So, without getting carried away with a big introduction, let’s get on with it. I know you freaks have a lot of questions so let me pick the first one for you.

Why Mr. Porn Geek, why are you doing a review of hqporner.com?

Well, my friends, you know Mr. Porn Geek is always on the lookout for new and exciting places where you can get the kinkiest and filthiest videos to fuel your masturbatory sessions. And sometimes, the places I explore are simply wonderful and those are the ones you get to read about. HQPorner is a breath of fresh air in the sea of porn destinations that all look alike. But that’s not the reason behind this review. There are actually a couple of them that made me do such a thorough review, and I’ll start with the most obvious one; the content.

Although it may have been obvious to some of you, HQ in the hqporner.com stands for High Quality. And I had to capitalize that because it really is porn of the highest quality. And you can take it any sub-context as you would like it. The quality of the scenes is simply amazing. Most of it comes from world-renowned studios that provide nothing but the best actors and film incredibly hot and intense scenes. It really does make a lot of difference when you jerk off. But not only the quality of the action, but it’s also video quality as well. HQ Porner features videos that are HD or higher. Every scene looks impeccable whether you are watching it on your phone, a computer screen, or a high-def tv screen. You can see every detail, and enjoy every close-up.

The other thing Mr. Porn Geek noticed right away is the number of publishers that are represented in their library. In fact, there are over 100 well-known publishers listed in the Studios section and you can filter a vast HQPorner library in accordance. This is a great feature that helps you find a specific video, or sets of videos, in a niche that you like.

Wait; exclusive videos from different studios in one place? Did I understand that right Mr. Porn Geek?

Absolutely. In fact, you can watch these exclusive scenes for free! hqporner.com is a tube site, meaning most of the content on it is free. And I highly doubt that many other tube sites have as many of publishing giants in their libraries HQPorner does. It’s a massive advantage over the competition. And it’s all absolutely professional porn as well. Perhaps, some of you will find that a bit odd, but there are no amateur videos on HQPorner. Well, definitely not ones I could find.

But, wait Mr. Porn Geek, with all those fancy videos, they must be just the shortened versions like on other sites!

Guess again. You see, ordinarily, tube sites offer only the short 7-10-minute versions of the videos from the major publishers. But HQPorner offers the full-length versions. it’s the same deal you would get from a premium subscription to a major network, but you get here, for free. And yes, it’s not one of those “free to try, leave your credit card” type of deals. It’s truly free.

Perhaps I was a bit more surprised by this fact than you guys would be, but let’s just pause here for a while. Think about the overall value you are getting for absolutely nothing. Dozens upon dozens of major publishing studios and their entire content base without as much as spending a single penny. I mean, there has to be a catch somewhere right? Well, we’ve come to the second major reason for a review of HQPorner. There isn’t a catch! You do actually get all that exclusive content for free. Now, there is a drawback, but it’s a really minor one. If you have your ad block activated, you “only” get the 720 or 1080p versions of videos. In order to see the full quality, disabling ad block is a requirement. But again, even in the “low quality” mode, these videos are far better than the same ones on different tube sites. So it’s still a good deal right?

Now, if you allow ads to be shown, you can expect an annoying flashing pop-up or something like that right? Wrong. I tried this as well. A discrete ad running in the corner of the page, and it’s even a nice ad, not a tacky one like the usually are. No pop-ups, no flashing images, it’s discrete and kinda classy. So, even when you do “compromise” a bit, it’s well worth it cause you get the “HQ” version of the scene.

What about the number of videos? They can’t really have a lot of them seeing as it’s all high-quality porn!

Oh, but they can. there are more than 30,000 videos. I did some quick math. Based on the number of videos and the average length of 30 minutes, there is enough content on HQPorner for you to watch it all year long and still not get through the half of it. How’s that for the amount. And that’s not even considering the new content being added daily.

You should also know that each video can be previewed through a set of ten rotating thumbnails. If you hover your mouse over a scene, you can roughly assess what’s going on in it. This is a good thing, not a novelty on HQPorner but a useful feature. Although many other tube sites offer the same feature, this one kinda surprised me with a small dot-like rotational counter.

Is it difficult to find a specific video on HQ Porner?

Definitely not. At the top of the page, you have a couple of filtering options. Top will lead you to the best-reviewed porn videos. Categories, naturally, allows you to pick a specific category you want to explore. Studios sections is also an interesting option. you can watch videos from your favorite publisher without needing to track them down one by one. And lastly, there is a Girls section that allows you to list videos from a specific model alone. These are pretty standard these days and although HQPorner doesn’t deserve extra credit for this type of navigation, it’s still nice to see it implemented well. And these filters will serve you well if you are looking to stumble upon a great video. But if you have an exact thing or a fetish in mind, your best friend is the search bar. You can type in whatever your fetish or desire is, the name of the girl, a sex toy you would like to see being used, anything you can think of. And the search bar does its magic and filters out scenes matching your search terms. It may sound a bit weird that I devoted so much attention to a simple search feature, but trust me; this one really gets the job done. From the time you feel like jerking off to the time you are actually stroking your cock to a kinky scene, there hardly is a faster tube site than hqporner.com

Final thoughts on HQ Porner

Those of you who know Mr. Porn Geek are certainly familiar with the criteria I apply to these reviews. And when a site blows my mind and shadows a good chunk of its competition, you can certainly appreciate the value and the quality of the job they did. Well, HQPorner not only blew my mind but made me question some of the bars I’ve set for tube site reviews. The sheer amount of content, the quality of the action in the scenes, the quality of the videos themselves, the design of the platform and the ease of use should be set as a standard all other websites should strive towards. And yes, this is a free tube site meaning it does have the advertisement on it, but even that was done remarkably. And even if you use an ad block to disable ads, you can still watch videos without any issues. You know that Mr. Porn Geek is really careful when it comes to recommending stuff to you, but HQ Porner definitely deserves to be highly recommended.

Before I lower the curtain on this review, I really wanted to gauge your opinion on these long-form reviews. I’ve done a couple of them and spent more time with these sites prior to writing a review. What do you guys think? Is it better to spend more time with a single site and do an in-depth analysis, or is it better to cover the major features and do more sites per cycle? Let me know what you think about it and how do you feel about this particular review. I liked making it, I enjoyed being on HQ Porner and I had a blast checking out their content. Until the next time.

Review Pros

  • Amazing content
  • HD quality
  • Free

Review Cons

  • Advertisement (but not tacky)