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Hey there porn lovers, Mr. Porn Geek is back with another in-depth review. I’ve been getting a lot of requests from you guys and let me just say this before we get into it; I appreciate you guys making my job easier by suggesting great ideas for these reviews. I love you all and look forward to providing valuable insights into the delightful world of porn on the web.

You guys have been requesting more hentai content so Mr. Porn Geek got busy and checked out a few places. Some of them were not as good, some of them were great, but the one that stood out the most was HentaiPlay.net. I’ve seen a lot of porn websites, and many of them were good, but Hentai Play kinda blew me away. So, let’s get to it.

Hentai Play: Interface and First Impressions

One of the reasons HentaiPlay is on this list is the design of the user interface. While many porn sites choose to look alike these days, which in itself is not a bad thing but it kinda gets stale, the folks behind this site took a different approach. Instead of a full head-on attack from the main page with aggressive video thumbs and immediate filth, you are greeted with a pleasant and subtle video carousel showcasing some of the newest videos and a discrete video grid below it. This is a nice change compared to other sites, if not for other reasons than to make it unique and recognizable. It also features a design that takes into consideration the type of device you use to access it (whether it’s a PC or a mobile device) and the different screen types you may be using for it.

A neat feature many other sites fail to even consider for their designs. Hentai Play is playing the subtilty card very well and even with the minimalistic design, you are not deprived of important features a porn site should have. There is a convenient main menu at the top of the page that helps you navigate the most important areas of the site, there is a search bar, although it could be more visible, and there is also a tags cloud that allows you to quickly filter in important tags and genres. So in terms of functionality, it’s not revolutionary, but in terms of design, it really is a breath of fresh air.

So far so good.

Content and Video Quality

Many hentai sites are quite similar to each other in terms of content. It’s so common that it kinda became a rule; seeing one hentai site is like seeing them all. Well, that’s not the case with Hentai Play. Their content is mostly delivered in the form of hentai series. Mr. Porn Geek has got to be honest with you here; this is the first site that I’ve reviewed that has this type of content delivery. It really is something truly different and pretty amazing. When you think about it, hentai porn is closely tied to the underlying story.

Yes, the action always comes first when it comes to porn, but this genre benefits the most if there is a good story behind it. So, delivering content in installments of the story makes it absolutely worth your while. This is what made Mr. Porn Geek so thrilled about HentaiPlay.net. It’s an excellent idea implemented with amazing attention to details and a great deal of care towards users. It’s what hentai lovers were missing. And before you get confused, let me clarify this. While their main page is absolutely focused on hentai series, you can still easily find independent scenes and content that you are generally used to. Having videos delivered as part of the series episodes is just a thing that lifts HentaiPlay above most of the sites in the genre. The last thing that really needs to be mentioned here is that there is a nice balance between dubbed and sub-titled content that should satisfy everyone’s preferences.

In terms of video quality, there is no room for debate. It’s absolutely top notch. Well, seeing as anime is basically completely animated content, you would think that video quality should never be discussed in the genre, but many other sites offer low-quality videos. Hentai Play is again ahead of the pack in this segment and you should not run into pixelated content regardless of the video size, length, or the upload date.

Availability and Pricing

The second most important thing to consider when reviewing a porn website, after the quality of content, of course, is the pricing. Hentai Play is a mixture of a tube site and a hosting site, meaning some of the videos are located on their own servers and some of them are just hosted through other sources. This is not a new concept and it allows a lot of diversity in terms of available videos. The only concern is how to implement it on a platform that is basically free. So if your question was; is HentaiPlay.net free, the answer is YES! You don’t have to pay for a premium account to access it and get your rocks off to the incredible video library they feature. The drawback is that occasionally, an ad page is displayed. Focus on that is on the word occasionally. It’s not nearly as noticeable as on many other sites with the similar model.

Final Verdict

Considering the perks you get: interesting site layout, focus on content coming in the form of regular episodes, ease of use, amount of available videos, and especially the fact that there are no subscription fees and premium accounts, Hentai Play is absolutely a place that Mr. Porn Geek recommends with the highest of scores. It truly is a place of excellent hentai porn, free of charge.

Review Pros

  • Content comes in episodes
  • Incredible number of videos
  • It's Free!

Review Cons

  • Occasional ads
  • No accounts to store favorites