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Can you get happy on Faapy?

Fuck, yes, you can! Faapy contains all the fucking porn you know and love from other major porn sites, but on a fucking fresh looking site. Faapy has all the fucking porn you could need to jerk your little fucking gherk to. If you are can’t find the right porn on Faapy perhaps you are looking at the wrong mainstream porn site. Just like most porn tube sites, Faapy does rely heavily on the more mainstream porn, but I don’t mind that. Faapy has porn scenes on it that I have never seen before and I do this shit for a fucking living!

So, what is Faapy like to fap on? Well, we ain’t going to find that shit out by staying here and singing its fucking praises, are we? So, you relax while I review this fucker and find out what this porn site is offering you and whether you need this cunt or if it is just a fucking boner killer.

The design of Faapy

I have to say that Faapy is one of the nicest fucking porn sites I have reviewed for a while. The whole fucking site feels really nice to use. This porn site is really responsive, every porn video I have tried, worked fucking perfectly and the site is fucking fast. I am impressed with Faapy. There aren’t many fucking smaller porn tube sites that can keep up with PornHub, but this site is doing just that. The fact that Faapy has thousands of HD porn videos that work perfectly and that the servers never slow the fuck down is impressive enough to give this site a great score!

However, Faapy just gets better and fucking better. Every porn video on the front page of Faapy has a lovely little preview video when you hover over it, all of them have stunning fucking thumbnails (in fact, the thumbnails are probably better than every other porn site’s thumbnails) and the descriptions are fucking nice too! Plus, Faapy has a lovely feature that tells you how many people have watched each porn video. Judging Faapy by the number of views their porn videos get is a great way to see how fucking loved this porn site is! Just a randomly selected porn video has 4,554,844 views! Some of the porn videos on the front page of Faapy go to over 5 million, and some are on 2 mil. That is a fucking crazy amount of views for porn!

The porn on Faapy

So, clearly, the porn is fucking popular on Faapy. All of the porn on this porn site is pretty standard shit that I see all the fucking time. However, even though the porn is pretty standard, the scenes are pretty fucking fresh. Most of the porn on this site is all the step-sibling, stepmom shit on other sites. However, I haven’t seen many of the porn scenes available on Faapy. I don’t know how I missed these fucking scenes because they are all fucking amazing!

Of course, Faapy has some of the most popular porn scenes from other major porn sites that you have seen a thousand fucking times on a thousand different porn sites, but it also includes some fucking rad porn scenes that I haven’t seen on the likes of PornHub. This is fucking impressive. I don’t know if Faapy is stealing these porn scenes, working with the porn companies or if it matters at fucking all. There is just some amazing fucking porn on this porn site!

Things for Faapy to consider adding

Well, even though I have just said how good the fucking porn on this site is, and it really is fucking enjoyable. It is just like most porn tube sites in that the videos are pretty much all under 10 minutes. Of course, these are just the fucking trailers of porn scenes that the porn companies put out, so this ain’t really Faapy’s fault. However, if Faapy is stealing their porn from other porn companies, I would love to see them add some full-length porn scenes on to their site. I have checked out fucking loads of the porn on this site because it all looks fucking amazing and I haven’t found a full-length scene yet.

Something else I would love Faapy to add is a pornstars directory. Right now, Faapy has popular videos, categories and shit like that, but no pornstars page. They have some fucking sexy looking pornstars on this porn site that I have never seen before, but I don’t know their names and may never fucking find them again. Having a way of tagging pornstars and a pornstar directory will help us find these sexy little fucking freaks again!

Other than that, Faapy has fucking everything you need to have a fucking good evening alone! It has a tonne of fucking amazing porn featuring the best in the fucking business and loads of ladies and scenes you have never seen before, plus some of your favourites too.

The Geek’s Final thoughts on Faapy

Well, Faapy is fucking awesome! It has a really fucking fresh design that works fucking amazingly well considering that every fucking porn video on this site is in HD. It is unfortunate that Faapy doesn’t have full-length porn on it, but, honestly, this isn’t a fucking deal breaker. The porn on Faapy is so fucking good that you’ll barely fucking notice that it ain’t full scenes.

Honestly, I think Faapy may have just become my go-to porn site! It is honestly that good! It has all the porn that a porn site like PornHub has, but fuck loads of other scenes that I have never seen on any other porn tube site! This is fucking exciting! Can’t wait to wank to the porn from my favourite pornstars that I have missed! Great fucking job, Faapy, you’re fucking awesome and have fucking excellent porn site!

Review Pros

  • Great thumbnails
  • HD porn
  • Nice design

Review Cons

  • All short scenes