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I am pretty surprised that there are not more reviews out about 16 Honeys. With more and more people looking to find the best porn movies that they can watch on their cell phone and tablets, a website like this has a lot of opportunities to catapult to being one of the most popular tube sites out there. There are a number of websites that feature mobile platforms, but there is nothing similar to 16 Honeys out there that I have seen.

What 16 Honeys Specializes In

As a website, 16 Honeys specializes in porn that is easy to view and download on mobile devices. It covers a wide range of different porn categories, 16 of them to be exact. There are even more tags than categories, so you can definitely find a lot of different genres of porn here. I find that there is some convenience to being able to watch porn in bed, one hand on the phone or tablet, and the other hand on… well you know what I mean. Just make sure that when you find what you are looking for, you can navigate with the hand that does not have all of that lube on it.

Overall, there are three main areas of the site. You can find top straight porn films, top gay porn films, and top trans porn movies. Making your way to each one of these areas is easy to do, using buttons near the top of the page. There is also an easily accessible search bar, which makes it easy to find the smut that you want to see. The page has a pretty basic layout, and you can preview and download films by clicking on them. There are plenty of stacked babes here, and they know how to use their personalities, bodies, and other talents, extremely well.

Some of the genres that I am seeing on the site include MILF porn movies, big titty porn, lesbian sex films, and you know that I checked to see whether or not there was a ton of fantastic roleplay sex films, one of my favorite porn genres. The short answer to this is yes.

How Many Porn Movies Are Here?

16 Honeys has pages and pages of the best porn movies for you to watch. When I got to page 50, I decided to stop. With over 50 pages of the best the adult entertainment industry has to offer, I wanted to take a look around. Right below the area fans of the site use to go forward and back pages, there was a browse by section. It is a little bit odd that this was located near the bottom of the pages, rather than the top of the site where it would have been much easier to see. The website also has a ‘best videos’ section in this area, which lets you find the top porn movies on the site for each month the website has been around.

There Are Few Ads, Bonus!

With only one small section of the porn site here having advertisements, and it being on the very bottom of the page, I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the overall experience. The porn movies on the site do run ads before them in some cases, but not on every single movie that you go to. It seems that 16 Honeys has found a great balance between providing a fantastic user experience and making some money through the use of ads. Since visitors can find free porn movies in massive amounts at 16 Honeys, seeing an ad or two here and there is no big deal at all.

High-Quality Videos, High-Quality Downloads

It is definitely no longer St. Patrick’s Day, but I decided to check out a porn video that features porn hottie Maddy O’Reilly, as she is a porn superstar that many readers of this site are probably already familiar with. Besides, I have been on a major role-play kick lately and themed role-play is just fine by me. At the beginning of the film, she explains that she has an Irish background, red hair, and wanted to have some fun with the theme of the holiday. Any excuse to see her in a thong, or less, is fine by me. The video player was pretty good, and I definitely got a fun view of Maddy and some juicy tidbits about her I did not know before.

Checking Out Tags Is Awkward

There is a section that seems to have tags on it, near the bottom of the individual video pages, which featured terms like dat ass, round booty, stacked, and big butt. I think that they definitely know who their target audience is with this film. Clicking on the individual tags below the movies brings you to other movies that share those tags. It was definitely a bit odd that there was no section on the website that let you take a look at all of the tags and choose which ones to go to from there. Fortunately, now that you know the trick it should be easy. Don’t tell anyone I never gave you anything.

More About High-Quality Downloads

This film, and many others on the site, can be downloaded in both standard quality and HD porn film quality as well. They can also be watched as streaming films, which is super convenient if you don’t want to be carrying around a hard drive filled with porn. If you lose that in class or at the office, people might take a look at the drive trying to figure out who it belongs to, and you might not want them to know that you are all about watching kinky porn movies that feature extreme anal sex, just an example. Keep your porn password protected on your phone or tablet, or at home.

I guess so long as we are talking about downloads, I should also let you know that there are multiple download options in terms of porn movie type. You can find both free 3GP porn downloads and free MP4 porn movie downloads at 16 Honeys. Don’t forget that the website does have straight porn movies, gay porn movies, and trans porn movies, with downloads for all of them. Since the site is specially optimized to feature movies that are great for mobile devices, downloading is definitely only an option. The streaming that you can find is fantastic for portable devices as well.

Mr. Porn Geeks Opinion On 16Honeys

A website that features some of the best porn stars in the world, as well as some of the hottest amateur porn babes out there, there are definitely a lot of positives when it comes to 16 Honeys as a site. If you fantasize about fucking hot chicks in any of their holes, you can find your fantasy babe to get off to here. There are multiple download options, and since the website features straight porn scenes, gay porn scenes, and trans porn scenes, you will certainly find porn that you love watching.

The site design itself has only a few improvements that could be made, including making it easier to find categories and tags from the homepage. There are TONS of porn movies on the site, and with such a wide range and large numbers of each, 16 Honeys is a fantastic way to keep your spank bank full. There are still movies that are being added to the site on the regular, so there is always new material to enjoy. With a 9.2/10 rating, 16 Honeys is a fantastic site that porn lovers should definitely visit.

Review Pros
  • Top straight porn clips
  • Top gay porn movies
  • Top shemale porn films
  • Great mobile porn site
Review Cons
  • Tags are confusing to use