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The Fap CEO review

Howdy folks – welcome back to another edition of porn game reviews with Mr. Porn Geek! Today, I’m going to be taking a look at a game by the name of Fap CEO: the tour for this game describes it simply as a ‘clicker’ where you embark on a sex-filled journey to create the best video chat empire known to man. The teaser trailer looks quite fun and I’ve reviewed plenty of other Nutaku titles over the last few days, so I’m pretty confident that what I’ll find inside here will be worth recommendation. Anyway, let’s get down to business: I’m a Fap CEO and I can’t wait for my first day on the job!

Let the porn games on FapCEO begin

The very first think you’ll do when playing Fap CEO for the first time is talk to Amber – she’s your secretary and it’s her job to assist you in any way she can with your task of building a live streaming adult website. Oh, also turns out she’s going to help you fuck as many pussies as she can while you do so too – can’t say fairer than that! You’ll want to hire Amber immediately by clicking on the empty desk – she’s got a pair of 34F tits and only costs 20 coins an hour: fair price if you ask me, especially with those milkers popping out of her tight top! She’ll soon send you a fully nude image of herself via email, so be sure to open that up for your first taste of how the cartoon porn goodness unfolds here on FapCEO.

As the game progresses, you’ll start to realize that it’s definitely a clicker at heart – when the chat shows start, you can smash your left mouse button to have Amber make more cash for you. If you’ve ever played the game Cookie Clicker then you’ll have a good idea of how these places work: it’s all about that mouse banging action, baby! What’s quite cool is that you unlock chests from time to time in Fap CEO – the first one I got had a bunch of goodies in it, like a rose, a buttplug and some other goodies that made life easier.

Progression and other stuff

A lot of the focus on Fap CEO is managing the girls and responding to them correctly. Each babe you hire has a different personality, so it’s important to nail the messages in order to get the best results for your company. The second girl I hired was real shy and a little nervous – hell, I even had to deal with the fact that she was getting teased at school because she had tiny boobs and didn’t want to have sex until marriage. I thought I’d grab Chloe because she had a nice flat chest and seemed petite – I didn’t know that was going to be a problem for the development of my company, though!

Because a lot of the gameplay here at Fap CEO is centered around waiting, you may want to fast forward things a little by unlocking special crates that cost a few dollars. The ‘Starter Pack’ is a good option, since it’s giving you access to 2,500 coins worth of goodies for a low price of just 300 – that’s about $2 for a first-time coin buyer! All of Nutaku’s credits are shared between their available games too, so if you don’t like Fap CEO that much, you can always spend your additional coin elsewhere. They accept PayPal, Credit Cards, PaySafeCard and even cryptocurrencies like TRON, Verge and ZenCash. Do note that this is 100% optional: you don’t need to pay enjoy Fap CEO. The game will run just fine without your wallet opening up.

For the purposes of testing, I grabbed a Starter Pack chest and received 50 Gems, a X2 Multiplier, 3 1-hour time boosts and 15 keys! Immediately after getting the keys, be sure to navigate to your inventory so you can unlock a bunch of common chests that contain even more useful items, such as orgasm journals, vibrating rings and golden dildos. These supercharge your company’s ability to make more coins and soon enough, you’ll have all the girls working for you going above and beyond when it comes to bringing in the cash.

The rest of the games on the FapCEO network 

I really enjoyed playing Fap CEO and I think I’ve done a good job of explaining how the game works – I think it’s probably a good time to tell you about the extra games here and what you might also want to check out when signing up to Nutaku. Let me stress once again that you can join and play games completely free of charge – you are not required to pay anything! Anyhow, Nutaku’s other porn games include the likes of Cunt Wars, Rumblade and Booty Calls: I’ve written reviews on these in my XXX games section, so if you’d like to know more about them, be sure to take a look there.

Nutaku is, in my opinion, one of the best porn game studios the Internet has ever had. They’ve got a great art style, the titles themselves play really well and since it’s entirely free, you’re not going to get scammed just for creating an account and using your credit card to verify your age. Lots of the Nutaku releases are also available on Android devices, so if you’re looking for adult gaming on the go, this is the website for you. It’s actually crazy just how far these guys are ahead of the competition: I’ve never found a better porn game company in all my years!

My Fap CEO Verdict

This game is great: it’s easy to understand, the graphics are good, the music is fun and since it’s a clicker, you can play the whole thing using just one hand! I also liked that they had these achievements you could unlock to get certain prizes: it gives you goals to head toward if you’re a little stuck. Even if Nutaku’s website didn’t have dozens of extra freemium porn games, I’d probably still get punters to take a look at Fap CEO: it’s fun, it’s raunchy and it’s 100% free to play. I don’t think porn games get much better than that.

Check it out today and be sure to grab an account to save your progress: you won’t be disappointed. Fap CEO is one of my favorite adult games out there right now!

Review Pros

  • Great gameplay
  • Stellar artwork
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • Some timegates
  • Unlabeled settings buttons