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Cum for Rumblade

Rumblade describes itself as a turn-based RPG that combines equal part adventure with strategy: the landing page here displays some pretty kick-ass anime art work and screenshots of the game itself – I’m thinking that this might just well be one of Mr. Porn Geek’s favorite titles if the teaser is anything to go by! Rumblade is owned and operated by Nutaku who have other games I’ve tried and enjoyed, so it’s not too much of a stretch to suggest that what I’ll find here will be enjoyable and worth recommending. Still, it’s important for me to actually check out what’s going on first, so let’s play this hentai game and see if it’s any good!

Rumblade: My initial impression..

After hitting ‘Play Now’, the game will load up in your browser – no download required. I’ve had a few troubles in the past with Chrome compatibility, but no issues here: I also tried Rumblade in Opera and Firefox with both working just fine. As a handy tip, you might want to press F11 when the game starts to go into full-screen: it’s not required but it does make Rumblade a little more immersive. Anyhow, the game kicks off with a little introduction giving you a backstory and some classic Asian music playing in the background – it reminded me of Perfect World’s Heroes of Three Kingdoms: anyone else enjoy that back in the day? Okay, fine – I’ll enjoy my MMORPGs in peace then!

You’ll want to complete the tutorial to get the free rewards – Sanada Yukimura will guide you here. You two have been friends for a long time and after waking up, she informs you that you’ve got to stop a demon by the name of Akechi. You’ll then have your first battle and to be honest, it’s a walk in the park. Once done, go ahead and flirt a little – you’ll give a gift to the girl who just helped you and she’s down to fuck immediately: some girls are just too damn thirsty! Yukimura is your classic submissive hentai slut with big tits who’s always dripping with sweat and loves being filled up with big dick. Pretty much exactly what I’m looking for from an anime porn game and I think it’s fair to say that’s what you folks want too, right?

The story continues

Next up, you’ll want to unlock a new character following the instructions: I got a tasty blue-haired vixen by the name of Kaihime and she’s got four stars! I don’t actually know if 4 is a lot, but it’s better than three, so that’s all I care about. Anyway, once you’ve completed the tutorial, you’ll be given a few pointers on daily rewards and a few other features – Rumblade plays exactly like a freemium title would. You can pay to get ahead but you don’t need to if you don’t want to. I happen to have some coins on Nutaku though (I support developers and good games, get over it!), so I went ahead and purchased an Archer Evo Pack. It was allegedly on sale at 119 coins instead of the standard 299 price point: I think this worked out to around 60c or something ridiculous.

Rumblade gameplay itself

So the gameplay at Rumblade is based around battling enemies with your team of sexy babes. Before the fights begin, you’ll have time to select who you want on the field and the locations that they occupy. There are 9 spots in total and it sticks to the standard theme of archers beating cavalry, cavalry beating infantry and infantry beating archers: similar to Civ VI and a few other tactical games I’ve played in the past. You’ll want to deploy Kaihime on your first fight and make sure you’ve positioned correctly: the tutorial is over, so it’s going to come down to your skill if you want to progress!

All the characters have their own unique set of skills and it’s quite interesting how you can perform various combos and control the battlefield with smart tactical choices. For instance, Yukimura has the ability to spend 3AP and she’ll revive any downed enemy, but they only come back with 10% of their total HP. There’s also a girl with a gun and she shoots three enemies in a straight line, as opposed to just a single target. There are various bonuses for completing certain challenges in battles too: it spices up the gameplay and really makes Rumblade quite difficult in places.

Some other thoughts 

I ended up playing Rumblade for around 2 hours and honestly, I had a great time. I will quickly mention that the game runs quite quickly, but that seems to be because by default, speed is set to 3x normal. In battles, use the circle in the top-right to vary the gameplay speed – it was quite off-putting just how speedy Rumblade ran at to begin with.

While on the whole my time playing Rumblade was enjoyable, I did find a few issues – they’re not huge, but annoying nonetheless. For instance, your formation doesn’t seem to automatically save after you’ve won a battle: you have to head to the ‘squad’ section and configure your default team here instead. I think the sound and music here are pretty good in all honesty, but another problem I came across is the fact that Rumblade doesn’t allow you to adjust volume. You can set the browser to be a little quieter if required, but I’d like a slider somewhere to control the game independently.

The extra stuff on Rumblade

Nutaku has a huge quantity of erotic games in its collection for you to check out, including greats like Booty Calls and Chick Wars – both of which I’ve reviewed too if you’d like to learn more about these titles. I really like the vibe here and best of all, it’s completely free to sign up and play: you only have to buy coins if you want to get ahead. I think that Nutaku likely has the biggest collection of quality porn games and most of them are themed around hentai and anime, so yeah – Mr. Porn Geek really approves.

So yeah – bottom line, go and check this place out and give Rumblade a play!

Review Pros

  • Great polished game
  • Sexy hentai chicks
  • Free to play

Review Cons

  • No volume slider
  • Some time gates