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Cunt Wars

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The war of the cunts

Just when you thought that George Bush and Tony Blair invading foreign countries on dodgy intelligence was enough of cunts involved in war, Nutaku comes along and produces a game devoted to the concept! Okay, so maybe Cunt Wars is a little bit different here: after all, we’re looking at hentai pussy and the like when we’re talking about this particular title. Today, Mr. Porn Geek is going to play around inside for a little and let you know what’s going on: if you like adult games and you think you might want to make one part of your daily online experience, continue reading and I’ll give you the key details you need on Cunt Wars!

My first experience on Cunt Wars

So when you sign up and hit ‘play’ on the section of Nutaku that is devoted to Cunt Wars, you’re immediately jumping into the action with a card battle arena game similar to Hearthstone and Faeria. You’ll go through a little tutorial that will show you how to progress and it’s all fairly basic to begin with. I suppose if you’re familiar with the genre then this part will seem quite boring, but folks new to placing down characters on a board and having them interact will probably need to spend a few minutes getting to grips with the style of gameplay that takes place here on Cunt Wars.

Once you’ve defeated Zombie Lord, you’ll win a chest that contains a prize. Note that it’s also worth checking your emails at this point – once your account is confirmed, you’ll receive 100 free Gold Coins that you can spend on anything! While Cunt Wars is completely free to play, you can spend small amounts of money to get ahead and buy a few other cool things that make the game more enjoyable. It’s a standard freemium model you’ve seen before dozens of times, only in this case it’s applicable to a porn game!

The Cunt Wars game continues…

Mr. Porn Geek played through the initial part of the title without much problem: I’m a gaming expert though, so this is to be expected. You’ll start to pick up lots of free stuff as you go and honestly, I was really impressed with just how in-depth Cunt Wars felt. This isn’t a cheap game that doesn’t have any validity behind its existence: it’s a fully fleshed-out title that gives you a porn gaming experience like no other. It’s quite tactical too, so you’re going to have to use your brain every once in a while to get further in the game. I’m convinced that people who like a real challenge when it comes to XXX adult video games are going to have the most enjoyment here: Cunt Wars is crazy good!

I also quite enjoyed the music here: the theme of the tracks goes with the story and as battles change, so does the tone of the sounds you’re hearing. I think even if Cunt Wars didn’t have the adult element attached, it would still be a great place to get a good gaming experience. Hell, I even started to consider making this my go-to card game of choice if it wasn’t for The Elder Scrolls: Legends eating up all of my time.

VIP benefits on Cunt Wars and more…

If you want to upgrade your daily benefits and fighting schedule, it might be an idea to check out the VIP option that you can purchase with the Green Gems. These provide a range of benefits including additional hand shuffles, increased HP, autofight features and some special emojis too: it doesn’t seem like you get too many extreme benfits from VIP 1, but you can go all the way up to VIP 20 if you play this game like a madman. I don’t know if Mr. Porn Geek is going to be able to play this title for that long – Cunt Wars is certainly fun, but I have a life that I need to keep as a priority over fun hentai games!

I also want to point out that Cunt Wars is owned and operated by a company that has multiple other titles. Nutaku will allow you to pick up other fun playables like Booty Calls, Foxynite and so on. The Gold you get is shared between all of the titles too and you can purchase it using Credit Cards, PayPal, PaySafe and a few other options. Hell, Nutaku even let you recharge your account with Crypto Currencies like Tron, Verge and ZenCash – the rates are quite competition too! I can’t believe I’m playing enjoyable hentai video games and paying for it using Crypto Currency: we’re living in the modern era, folks!

Some other considerations

There are lots of porn game websites out there that have short-lived titles: basically, they’re only supposed to be played for 5 to 10 minutes and that’s it. I understand the appeal of these because guys want to jerk off and get on with their lives, but Cunt Wars takes a different approach. Instead of trying to get you in and out as quickly as possible, Cunt Wars offers a stellar experience that you’ll love if you enjoy tactical porn games with a little bit of a challenge attached. It’s easy to see why Nutaku has had such great success over the last few years: they develop polished products that people want to enjoy for days and weeks on end. I took a look at the rankings here too – so much competition between all of the players! The publishers even have events from time to time that offer time-limited quests, interesting costumes and new seasons of races. These are real games people – just pornographic in nature!

My final thoughts on Cunt Wars

I’m pretty much blown away at the experience here on Cunt Wars: it’s got a nasty title but it’s got some tasty gameplay. I’d also like to mention that technically, it seems that the game is called Chick Wars (they must have regional limitations on offense language or something, so they play it safe on official documentation and the like). It’s an engaging and enjoyable title: I think my loyal fans here at Mr. Porn Geek will love what they find and honestly, I’m happy with the time I spent playing through this title for a while to produce a useful review for you folks.

It’s completely free to play too, so as far as I’m concerned you should head on over now, create an account and get gaming!

Review Pros
  • Great graphics
  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Completely free
Review Cons
  • Some laggy scenes
  • Can be hard