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Desihoes sure has lots of Indian whores

Indian porn has its charms and if you enjoy that type of content, Desi Hoes is the best place to start and finish as well. This is a site that offers a huge library of desi homemade and professional videos and you can preview most of it. When it comes to Indian babes, you have to understand one thing; their sex tapes are genuine, no faking, no scripts, just pure fucking.

And most of it is amateur. That’s right, tilts very heavily to the homemade porn side versus professional videos so if you like watching regular Janes fuck, this very niche-y porn tube is a good fit for you.

Features and other good stuff

The other thing is that not many other sites offer this content and you only find old and re-uploaded clips most of the time. Desi Hoes is full of fresh content and they upload videos every single day.

The numbers are definitely in their favor with hundreds of Indian porn videos stashed away in their archives. This much porn calls for good organization and an arsenal of browsing tools and I’m happy to report that Desihoes gets an A+ when it comes to both.

For starters, you have to decide whether you’re interested in videos or photos. They’re housed in separate sections but access is not limited to one or the other. Hop to the one you want to check out first and there, you’ll be greeted with the most recently uploaded content. There are a variety of ways to navigate this collection – you can sort by type (private or public), timeline (added today, this week or last week) and by either most recent, most viewed, most comments, top rated, longest or top favorites .

The video section has a “being watched” option in addition to all the above and as a perpetually curious person, I think this is the best place to start, especially if its your first time visiting this tube. The little nuggets here will have your cock standing at attention in no time at all.

As you poke around, you’ll notice that all types of Indian and Arab women are well represented at Desihoes. You have your curvy chicks, busty chicks, light skinned Indians as well dark skinned ones, teens, older ladies and so on. They’ve kicked the ball out of the park with their impressive selection of ladies and body types that work for everyone.

If sorting through a collection by category is your thing, you’ll get a kick out of the categories here. Most are the usual suspects – amateur, big boobs, ebony and celebrities but there are also special categories like desi look alikes, funny porn as well as a non desi section which is full of hot non-Indian babes giving the Indian babes a run for their money in the whore department.

Everyone has faults, even

The downside of the site is that without a premium account, there are those pesky ads that pop up, but most of us are already used to it considering how much porn we watch daily. Still though, its annoying enough to warrant a mention as the most nagging issue about this site.

The aggressive pop ups aside, design-wise, this tube is lacking. The color scheme is just okay and there’s nothing to really make it stand out from every other porn tube online. But if I can play devil’s advocate for a minute here, you’re not here to critique the desire, you’re just here for hot Indian adult videos and they’ve got those by the dozen.

What’s your verdict Mr. Porn Geek?

The bottom line is; if you like desi porn and homemade sex tapes, this is a real gem and Desi Hoes will not disappoint you in terms of the quality. Homemade sex tapes come in lower quality than highly produced videos, but they are also genuine and offer a real experience that will make your cock hard. Once you start exploring DesiHoes, it will become one of your favorite places.

Review Pros
  • Free indian porn
  • Lots of movies
Review Cons
  • Not many HD videos