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Mr. Porn Geek visits Celeb Jihad

I don’t know what inspired Celeb Jihad to go for this crazy ‘Islamic extremist’ angle when it comes to their content, but the basic idea here is that the folks behind this website hate Western values of sexual freedom for women and lament how many of the Hollywood A-listers around the world end up doing the dirty in front of a camera. As much as they hate all of this, the team still manages to collect and archive all of the content in a specific leak – or content from a professional cinematic production – so that you can jerk off to it. Does Celeb Jihad manage to provide a great outlet for anyone who wants good celebrity porn? To find out, I’m going to spend an hour or so checking this place out while I write up a full review. Read down below for my take on this website now!

Homepage impressions at Celeb Jihad

You likely know by now that Mr. Porn Geek loves kicking off his reviews with a detailed look at the homepage of any destination he’s writing about. CelebJihad.com gets a decent initial reaction from me – almost the entire page is devoted entirely to showing you recent posts of celebrity selfies, sex tapes and more. I’m guessing that the content area on the left-hand side is sorted by default based on upload date, so the most recent material is at the top of the page. Look to the right though – you’ll see a list of ‘popular posts’, which I imagine is basically optimized to show you things that have recently had a lot of comments or views. Both are great and essentially offer you a way to see the latest or the greatest. Now, aside from some navigation options at the top and a little pagination to go back below the latest posts, nothing else is really up for comment here on the homepage – it’s rather simple. Good, but simple: just how I like it!

There are two main sections on the site when it comes to categories: nude celebs and celeb videos. While the former doesn’t expressly state it within the name, this is just a place to get images. Both are updated fairly frequently and have sections of good content, but I’ll talk a little about that later on as there’s something I’ve got to address. I’ll also point you over to the celebrity archive page where you can view all content from specific women if they’re particularly popular on Celeb Jihad. Names that I do recommend you give a little peep toward are Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Emily Ratajkowski. I think we all know that in the world of sexy celebrities that don’t mind an X-rated scandal or two; those three are the golden tickets to full-on celebrity pornographic bliss.

A specific look at the content on Celeb Jihad

Some posts here are incredibly popular because they show things that other sites won’t dare to host. One example that I think you’ll be interested in from the get go is this leaked pornographic video collection of Paige from the WWE. The first clip is a simple masturbation upload, the next is her sucking cock on multiple occasions and then when you go down to the very bottom of the article, you’ll find the ol’ white bitch engaged in a hot threesome with a white dude and some hung black guy that went wild on her ass. He even helps with a little of the recording when she’s bouncing up and down on the other guy’s shaft – and they say chivalry is dead!

Next up, Jem Wolfie – it’s hard to beat this chick when it comes to the game of Instagram and she’s about as popular as they come in the domain of thick white chicks who’ll tease you all day long with their incredible figures. This post is devoted to lots of her nude photographs that are neatly organized into a thumbnail gallery for you to take a look at. They also included a titty bouncing WebM embed if you scroll down the page – everyone knows that those tits are just out of this world. What I love about this place is that if nudes exist of a certain celebrity, they’ll go above and beyond to make sure you’re getting to see the best of the best. You’d be surprised how many lawsuits and civil complaints have been filed against these dudes: they really give no fucks!

The worst aspects of Celeb Jihad

I don’t like to criticize most websites because instead, I just don’t bother adding their review to my platform. Thing is, Celeb Jihad is pretty good at what it does, but there’s one thing I just can’t look past without mentioning it to you guys. See, while this blog is great at getting the hard to find celebrity porn we all know and love, it also has clickbait articles and fake material that do not feature the celebrity mentioned. For example, let’s take a look at this post entitled Ariana Grande Nude Sex Tape Video Leaked – complete fabrication, and the thumbnail looks so ridiculous it’s one of the worst doctored images I’ve ever come across. I’ve seen quite a few posts like that here and it’s so fucking lame: just stick to actual celebrity porn for Christ’s sake. Whoever decided it would be a good idea to have these clickbait posts needs to get their head checked: what a load of nonsense.

My final words on Celeb Jihad

While it does have a few clickbait posts to get the readers in, the majority of the posts here are actually quite good and for that reason, I have to list this site on my collection of the best celebrity destinations out there. The fact they’ve managed to stay online for so long – with plenty of people trying to take them down – is a fantastic reason to visit from time to time for the latest developments in celebrity porn online. Definitely check out CelebJihad.com and enjoy the best XXX Hollywood action: I doubt you’ll be disappointed with what you find on the other side.

Review Pros
  • Great celeb posts
  • Free to use
  • Limited adverts
Review Cons
  • Some clickbait posts
  • Weird Muslim memes