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18VR Discount

18VR  Features

  • Great regular updates
  • 4K 3D 180-degree films
  • From the BaDoink network
  • Support for most VR headsets 
  • Bonus sites & extra content
  • Coupon discount deal

As part of the BaDoink network, 18 VR brings the hottest age 18+ teens in front of their cameras to create amazing POV movies that are longer and better than most. They shoot in high-quality 4K 3D and bring vast amounts of experience to the table. Films are in 180 degrees, and there are bonus sites as well, which bring additional value. Most headsets are supported, so there is nothing to worry about there. You have never been more in the middle of the porn action than you will be with 18 VR. This site is well worth the price.

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18VR Discount

- Full Detailed Review by Mr. Porn Geek
  • About 18VR Discount

    There is no doubt virtual reality is quickly taking over the pornography industry. There will always be 2D smut coming out to keep people happy, but virtual reality pornography brings a new sense of realism and exploration into the world. As technology continues to improve, more and more movies are coming out, and they often include the biggest and best names in the adult industry. 18 VR has a fantastic collection and a good mix of these porn superstars, but also up-and-coming amateurs who are continuously proving their sexual abilities and blossoming for the world to see.

  • Content Amount

    There are many great scenes available on 18 VR, and the site offers both streaming and downloading. The movies that are available on the site are longer than many virtual-reality companies offer. Many of the films feature over 35 minutes of incredible 3D scenes that are jampacked with 18+ teen performers that put all of themselves into the filming. These women love sex and are excited to be working for such a fantastic company as BaDoink VR. BaDoink owns the 18 VR website, which is a tremendous positive. The company puts out massive amounts of virtual-reality content, and so the website will continue to grow. Having a virtual reality site in your collection that will continue to grow, and grow quickly, is a fantastic decision to make.

  • Video Quality

    Another thing about websites that are under the BaDoink umbrella is the production value. When they came on the scene, they knew that they did not want to put out any videos that were only so-so. The dedication that 18 VR puts forth every time they shoot scenes is incredible. There is fantastic attention to detail and the knowledge that their team has really shines through in their movies. The quality that they provide is shot in 3D, making it even more impressive. This is incredible 4K 3D quality production from a site that you will definitely want to visit.

  • Exclusivity

    Of course, with a website from BaDoink VR you’re going to get plenty of exclusive scenes that you cannot find anywhere else. The site has some sorting options to help you get to the categories and tags that you are most interested in. 18 VR features a lot of 18+ teens, with a wide range of body types, hair colors, and personalities. You can find redheads and brunettes, blondes and women with black hair, small boobs, big boobies, short girls, tall girls, and everything in between. It is also fantastic that there are exclusive scenes of both one-on-one sex and threesomes, both MMF and FFM. The ability to find fantastic POV scenes adds to the allure.

  • What You'll Get

    Simply put, you get extremely high-quality porn that you will actually want to watch over and over again. There are many scenes of regular sex, anal sex, double penetration, fetish, blowjobs, and much more. The scenes themselves are 3D and 180 degrees. The website does a fantastic job by also filming with binaural sound and by making sure that members can both download and stream the content on the site. 18 VR offers downloads for a variety of devices, making sure that all of your options are covered and that you will be able to use the downloads with your favorite virtual reality headset. The site features over 70 movies, and they are longer than most sites create. Members can rate and comment on videos, providing a fantastic way to interact with the company and let them know what they think. They have website support and give a few different types of membership options. You also get a free pair of cardboard VR goggles when you sign up if you are a customer from the United States. As an additional bonus, you gain access to BaDoink VIP when you sign up for a membership, which features thousands of fantastic videos that are non-VR. Oh, there is also a great mobile-friendly interface which is very helpful to have if you want to enjoy your virtual reality porn on the go.

  • Fine Print

    18 VR does a pretty good job making sure that all of the fine print is easy to understand, and if people have any questions they can contact the service team to get them answered. Take note of the pre-checked cross sale, many websites do this on their checkout page, and some people do not realize it. If you do not want the pre-checked item, which you will be charged for if you leave it checked, make sure to uncheck it. Also, if you decide to get the trial membership, the monthly rate rebills at a higher rate than if you get the monthly membership without taking advantage of the trial. This is something that a lot of sites do, but it also means that the total cost of the website could be more expensive overall if you take advantage of the trial.These are the two fine print things to take note of; everything else is pretty straightforward and easy to understand.

  • Downsides

    The pre-checked cross sale is a downside, but since you are aware that it exists you will make sure that you are only getting what you want, and not paying for other things as well. Unfortunately, the website does not give people the ability to save their favorite movies and does not have a search engine. There are plenty of ways to organize the clips, but as the site continues to grow, they will likely need to improve how people search and will hopefully add the ability to make lists of favorites as well.

  • Conclusion

    18 VR is put together by a fantastic company that has a significant focus on production value, Badoink VR. The videos are high quality, hugely entertaining, and the website updates often. As one of the top porn sites for virtual reality, fans can expect it to grow and continue to provide amazing porn films for their viewing pleasure. This website should go on your short list of must-have sites.


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18VR Discount30 Day Pass For Only $14.95