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A look at Wet Pussy Games

Oh man – I’m getting hammered with emails lately from folks that just want to enjoy XXX games with a focus on hentai. Now since my job is to bring you the cream of the crop, I felt it only appropriate to update my readers with yet another hub to get their greasy mitts on erotic games like they’ve never seen before. Today’s review is of a place called Wet Pussy Games: it’s a cracking choice if you like wild and erotic Flash-based entertainment and best of all, the whole website is completely free to access! That’s right: Mr. Porn Geek has uncovered yet another hub of smutty games that won’t cost you anything in order to enjoy. Let’s venture on over to Wet Pussy Games now and see what this place has to offer, shall we?

The Wet Pussy Games homepage

If you click here to visit the homepage of Wet Pussy Games, you’ll see that the first major bulk content section is devoted to showing you the most recent games added to the website. Sadly, the individual pages for games don’t have dates added, so I’ve got no way of knowing if Wet Pussy Games releases fresh titles once a day or once a year! My guess is somewhere between the two, but without concrete information, I’m not going to speculate all that much. If you scroll down further, you’ll also see that Wet Pussy Games has sections of its site devoted to 3D animations and hentai videos: when you’re done gaming, this might be the go-to place to get your hands on some great smut! I’ll be sure to take a look a little later.

Categories at Wet Pussy Games

Along the left-hand side of each page, you’ll find the categories of porn games available here. There are only a few basic ones, but I think you’re going to enjoy the fact that they have dress up, BDSM and action titles in their little archive – Wet Pussy Games satisfies your taste no matter how you like your hentai games to be cooked up. One really cool feature I’d like other places to offer is the walkthrough page: if you’re just looking to watch someone else play or need a little help on getting past a specific stage, this is the way forward for you. The most recent guide for Fallen: Makina and the City of Ruins actually lasts over 5 hours – that’s a lot of dedication from the guy behind the gameplay, HornyToonDog. Hentai gaming fans just can’t get enough of working things out completely: it’s part of what makes jerking off to anime so damn pleasurable.

Playing on Wet Pussy Games

Naturally, we’re here to play games, so let’s get down to it, shall we? The first game I decided to play was Nakadashi Banzai: the artwork here was really quite enjoyable and the overall feel and polish of the final product was fantastic. It’s a hentai dating sim, so I hope you’re down for convincing a bunch of shy, sexy and busty barely legal brats to fuck you with your words. It actually has original Japanese voice acting too – quite authentic for a product that has had its text translated into English. I hope you manage to come across Erika like I did – as far as blonde-haired anime girls go, she’s pretty much my idea of perfection. Let’s just say that if you enjoy a good dating simulation game, this is a top-tier place to spend some time.

My next game of choice was something called Fondle Sleeping Mia – the name alone is probably going to convince a decent chunk of you perverts to check this website out sooner rather than later! Especially when I tell you that this goddess enjoying a snooze has some of the biggest, most incredible looking tits this side of the Internet. Wet Pussy Games sure know how to put together a fantastic collection of hentai games, that’s for sure! Anyway, grab and tease Mia until you fill up the red bar and her titties will soon pop out of her dress. If you feel like this is a little exploitative, don’t: she’ll fall straight back to sleep if you happen to wake her up (although the horny bar will reset – too bad!).

Last up, I went for a BDSM title – it’s got a great name of Blowjob Your Way to Freedom and yeah, it’s basically an interactive comic that has a chick submitted to a wide array of nasty punishment after getting caught doing something she shouldn’t have been doing. Her pussy soon gets pumped with a huge rod and she’s practically begging to suck on a cock in order to break free of the cage she finds herself in. The lengths some chicks will go to for the purposes of tasting freedom – it’s actually crazy! While technically a game because you make a few decisions, this is more of a comic that you click and enjoy. Not too shabby if you ask me!

Elsewhere on Wet Pussy Games

Like I mentioned earlier in the review, this isn’t just a website for games: you’ve also got porn cartoons available on this page to enjoy too. Some are short whereas others are a little on the lengthier side: quality also ranges depending on what you click, with the recent upload of D.Va (from Overwatch) taking a fat cock in her tight pussy being really up there in terms of rendering value. I guess if you’re not really feeling like playing games, you can always come here and just squeeze your hog to the 3D renders and hentai videos instead. I’m actually impressed at just how much extra there is: I wouldn’t have thought that a site devoted mainly to games would give all of these XXX manga goodness away for free!

The Wet Pussy Games conclusion

It’s free to visit, free to play and great for anyone who wants to enjoy some hentai gaming fun. With free bonus videos and 3D renders, it’s hard to put a foot wrong even if you just come to check this place out for a minute or two. There are adverts and some of the older games lack quality, but all in all, Mr. Porn Geek finds it quite easy to recommend visiting WetPussyGames.com and enjoying all they have to offer. Rest assured that if you’re a gamer with a passion for hentai, this is going to bring you a delicious blend of the two that you’ll love no matter what!

Review Pros
  • Lots of games
  • Free to play
  • Bonus hentai videos
Review Cons
  • Flash-based
  • Some adverts