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Toon Sex Games

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Mr. Porn Geek plays Toon Sex Games

I never knew that the world of games was so damn big. I initially kicked off this category with just 5 websites – it’s grown into dozens in no time at all! I’m adding to the collection this afternoon too, since I’m set to review Toon Sex Games. The name suggests to me that I’m going to get my hands on multiple titles inside that give a comic book artwork approach to adult gaming. The teaser tour is pretty fun and it has got me in the mood for some great gameplay – how about we jump inside to see whether or not Toon Games has the goods for us? I’m excited and you should be too, so let’s venture forth and become critics once more.

Inside Toon Porn Games

So when you hit the member’s area of Toon Games, you find that its actually just an advertising campaign for a place called My Gamer Vault. The branding seems really appropriate though, because the first thing I saw upon entering the member’s area was dozens of selectable titles that all had great cartoon artwork and certainly appeared to be pornographic in nature. You’ll also notice along the left-hand side of the page that Toon Games has a few different categories for you to pick from if you like a particular type of adult game. We’re talking strategy, hentai, action and more. Pick your poison and Toon Adult Games will show you all of the releases that they have in that genre: it’s a great system and allows you to select the right type of smutty playable for you. Now then – how about I actually sit down and try some of these games out? Sounds good to me!

Having fun at Toon Games

The first game I decided to pick was called Empire State Building. The premise here is pretty simple – you’ve got a girl that you want to fuck and you’ll do anything in order to achieve that end. After this one loads up, you’ll be guided through a little story at a restaurant with a blonde tattooed slut who’s got some pretty big tits. Your input is somewhat limited, but you’ll still get to make some important decisions down the road – I’ll let you discover what those are in your own time. Note that like all of the games here, Empire State Building is browser-based. You won’t have to download anything locally if you want to play these games. This comes with pros and cons, but for the most part I think that if you’re joining a website for games, you don’t want to start saving stuff on your own damn computer in order to be able to play them.

I also checked out a game called Hustletown, which I think is fantastic as a title for anyone who’s looking for a real cartoon vibe. The idea with this game is that you’re a dude who’s just gotten out of jail and you need to work overtime in order to get your reputation back as a no-nonsense gangster who knows how to make cash and fuck women. I played around 10 games in total at Toon Games and Hustletown was by far the best – as well as the most content-rich. I played for around 30 minutes before realising that I wasn’t going to end the story any time soon, so yeah – probably one to take a few hours out of your day in order to complete. Mr. Porn Geek likes games that are both short and long, so the combination and availability of both types inside Toon XXX Games is something I can really get behind. Different strokes for different folks and believe me, you’ll be stroking all day long once you create an account for Toon Sex Titles!

The bonuses at Toon Games

Now I know that on most adult gaming websites you don’t find too much by way of extra benefits, but Toon Games really takes things to the next level with their offerings of bonus entertainment. Click on the ‘full movies’ link in the header to be instantly transported over to a DVD archive area of the site where you can download or stream thousands of different titles from a wide array of producers. There are so many niches here too, so it doesn’t matter whether you want gangbangs, blowjobs, lesbian sex videos or something else entirely – there’s enough here on Toon Games to keep you rock solid for hours on end. Some of the DVDs I was included the likes of Daddy’s Girl, Masters of MILF, Teens Gone Black and Young Massage Parlor Girls. I think you can tell from these names alone that you’re getting a lot of variety – just what we want to see from any membership-focused porn website.

The fun doesn’t stop there either: click on the ‘bonus sites’ dropdown and you’ll be presented with two additional destinations that you can visit for more pornographic entertainment. These websites go by the names of XXX HD Vault and Premium Porn HD: both offer – as their names might have suggested – full 1080p HD videos of girls getting rude and nude in front of the camera. These two bonus places are completely free too: neither will cost you a penny to access.

Final thoughts on Toon Sex Games

I think it’s safe to say from my perspective that I’ve spent more than enough time inside Toon Games to let you know that what you’re getting here is top-tier adult gaming fun and DVD downloading pleasure. The whole experience was great and honestly, I can’t think of many reasons why you’d be disappointed by what you found inside Toon Games. Take a look at the tour and if you like the teaser, you’ll love getting your hands on the real thing. The games are great, the bonus DVDs are awesome and well, let’s just say that the extra free websites are just the icing on the cake. Thanks for reading – now go and enjoy these fantastic cartoon porn games while your cock still works!

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Review Pros
  • Interactive porn games
  • Allows control of the action
  • Lots of characters
Review Cons
  • Average load speeds
  • It's addictive
  • Adverts